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Unbranded – Totoro Tights

So this morning before I got into my Oroblu Natalia and oversized shirt, I decided to do a quick review before I went out.

I got these a while ago and as every weekend I’ve always had to dress a bit smart, I didn’t have the chance to do a cutesy look. Well today, I had no damn excuse and these were getting pulled out.

Now the only reason I didn’t stay in this outfit was because the dress was a tad short and my in-laws are still adjusting to my sense of style, so I’m taking it step by step with them and thought this would be entirely appropriate just yet.

Anyways back to the review (as I casually go off on a tangent there!):

  • Packaging – your very utter basic from China type. It comes with no design cardboard, just wrapped in a plastic bag with the Totoro face at the front, and sent in your standard grey parcel bag.
  • No cardboard or nothing inside so a bonus I suppose – no snagging or anything in my eyes!
  • They were easy to get on – the right foot was slightly bigger around the toes than the left foot but they were quite a nice soft denier. I expected it to be really thick around 150-200 denier but it was really nice. The top (above the design) was that really weird creamy sheer but I suppose it didn’t look too bad. All depends on your preference.
  • I love the design – it did stretch slightly but still kept it’s shape so I’m glad. Usually tights like that lose it and just look really cheap but these are different. They aren’t as bad as what I thought they would be.
  • They have a cotton gusset and I suppose they do have some slight reinforced toes on them. I was surprised that they had the double line at the back going vertically up your ass – felt like a school girl wearing her tights again! At least you know which way to wear them(!)

I have to say I didn’t come across any bad points with these. I thought I would have a few to make but surprisingly not!!

Teaming Up:

So teaming up.. Well you can work these how you want. I’d say you’d be brave doing these with work clothing! I haven’t dared try it although it does make me want to with the bear tights I got gifted by my follower the other day. We shall see how we go for now!

But dresses, skirts and shorts all can work with these along with trainers and even heels too or some fluffy boots to make it more kawaii. If you don’t know the meaning of kawaii, I highly suggest you click this link so you see what I mean (opens in a new tab/page)> kawaii Fashion

… And yes I would highly recommend these as they are so cute how could you not get yourself a pair?!

By the way excuse a few of the images the front camera was not on my side today and gave this really weird blurry contrast image on a few of them!



2 thoughts on “Unbranded – Totoro Tights

  1. Not ankle biters Do you think white sock would look OK so you got black and white at both ends
    Not that im a fan of mixing tights and socks SHEER is always better