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Tezenis Pink Fishnet Socks

I am seriously slacking this week – I cannot believe I didn’t have my review ready for FISHNET FRIDAY!

I was too caught up trying to sort things out with my personal life, and it took a hit on my blogging side, so as you can imagine I am so miffed off!!!!

Please excuse my dusty mirror – I actually wiped it down 20 mins before I took my pics and it just gets dusty so damn quick!!!

The Spec

Size: One Size

Colour: Rosa / Baby Pink

Price: £3.99

Website: Unknown – bought from independent store in London


My Outfit

So it’s a casual one I’m afraid, but then again I like to switch it up and create different looks. It gets a bit boring if I keep doing it to work all the while!

I wore my crop floral top (with cut out sleeved) along with my skinny jeans rolled up and my converses to finish it off.

I added small gold dangle earrings; nothing major as the top was the statement piece!

My Deets

Top: Miss Selfridge

Jeans: Terranova

Trainers: Converse All Star



The Review

The Packaging: it’s one of those that you get off the shelf. These weren’t packaging in anything apart from that piece of cardboard. It’s very basic I have to admit, but then again socks tend to be compared to hosiery.

They did have these in a few colours; mainly black and white. So I went for pink as I haven’t done that colour before!



The Bow: is the most cutest thing ever. I think that’s what tempted me to buy these in the first place! It’s one that is big enough to make it a little statement piece from behind.



Getting Them On: not gonna lie these come up the ankle and sit slightly higher than where I positioned them. Seeing as I was wearing jeans, it looked so weird it I pulled them up a little more, so I left them scrunched down. If you were to pair with a dress or skirt, it would be better pulling them up higher and adding heels, but with jeans I say it’s an no no from me!



The Fishnet: is a decent width. It’s not too small or too wide, and it sits perfect against the toes too. It’s a very small seam and then the net starts – there is no difference here like you get with some, so open toes and sandals can work really well with these.



The Colour: I have to say was pretty hard to pair with at first; I wore so many outfits and tried to add the socks into the mix and it just wasn’t doing it for me. So I opted to wear it on a casual basis and just add in my Converses rather than heels! I don’t know what it was, but I struggled with these. Maybe get these in black if you want it to pair up with everything!



My Thoughts?

They are the most cutest things I have come across! I think they’re just adorable and can work with a lot of dresses and skirts, and certainly with jeans. Next time I will try and wear them as high as they go and see the difference.

The only thing is you need to make sure that they don’t make your legs look smaller and stumpier than they already do; that’s why I wore mine lower as I felt it made me look shorter than I was.


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  1. I’ve been following you for years, we all just want you to be happy so if it helps forgetting us for a few days while you sort yourself out, do it babe, well always be waiting for you