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Miconets by Love Your Legs

And everyone I am happy to announce that I have a collaboration with Love Your Legs! They are one of many that I am currently working with and I have to say I am so excited!

About Love Your Legs:

Love your legs is the new and up coming tights and hosiery online retailer that are here to provide everything you could need to love your legs! We are a committed company who’s aim it is to keep our customers happy and ensure that the products we supply are excellent quality and affordable. We stock everything from tights as well as leggings, socks, shape wear and stockings that are all a part of our own brand as well as introducing other brands. We stock Fiore, Adrian and Oroblu and plan on adding to our list in the near future.” – Taken from their website!

Web: www.loveyourlegs.co.uk

Insta: @loveyourlegsuk

FB: www.facebook.com/leggsbeautiful


My Outfit

I did a mix with this outfit – going to and back from work, I just had the nets on with my Nike Roshe trainers, but when I got into work, I teamed them up with my over knee socks and my floral platform boots to give it a bit more.

Seeing these are a skin shade nude (that’s what I like to call it), I thought just on its own can seem slightly boring, so why not create layers?

I was only going to wear the boots with them, but it’s a lot of leg on show at work, so maybe not!

I know you all have seen this jumper in a earlier review during the week (I was running late and this was the first thing I pulled out that was long enough to wear to work!)

My Deets:

Jumper: In The Style

Tights: via Love Your Legs Online

Socks: H&M

Boots: Simmi Shoes

The Review

So seeing as this is the first of many from Love Your Legs, I will go into as much detail as possible for you all. Most of the images are self-explanatory but I’ll still carry on waffling for you 😉


As you can see from the images below, this is one of many pairs that I received; very simple, and very to the point. I LIKE IT!

The only downside is that you don’t read much about them on the actual packaging, but then again on the website you can find out more about the product.


Getting Them On: is really easy. I normally say wear a sheer pair underneath, but with these being micronets, you won’t really have to (it’s more about if you want to). I would still scrunch and roll just to be safe; even if you did want to pull up you can do.



“One thing I would mention is that these are one size, so if you pull too high, then you’ll have a lot of excess to pull back down. I would loosely roll them on your leg and tug up if you need. I ended up pulling too high and then had to push them back down so they sit where they’re supposed to on the legs.”

The Waistband: can be a hit and miss for some as it’s a one size. What I mean by this is that they’re not snug fitting on slimmer people, but they still hold up quite well. I won’t say that they’re totally loose, but there is slight room. Luckily the nets at the top are snug on the legs so they won’t be falling down or anything. I haven’t had any problems at all throughout the day!


The Toes: I thought I had to be extra careful of until I put them to the test. They don’t have the full stitched cap (that’s something I like to call it as I forget the name of what it’s called), so open toed shoes / sandals / peep toes will work perfectly with these nets. I thought my nails might rip through or poke through the small holes, but it has been fine! I would be careful of sharp or pointy toenails as I have a feeling that those might cut through but otherwise it’s all good here babes!


On The Legs: is really nice. The best part is that these are really close to my normal skin colour, so it works wonders as a barrier on the legs. I have to say as these are quite thick, they remind me of dancer’s tights as this is something that they would wear to make their legs look fab! I’m not too sure of the denier but it’s strong enough to withstand little snags. The amount of times I have caught them in my bracelet is unreal, but no rips WOOO!!!

With my over knee socks on them, they sit still and don’t budge whatsoever. I thought my socks might drag them down under my knees after walking for ages, but it has not budged at all. With normal sheers, I always find if they’re not a matte finish they tend to fall down quite easily, but these have held all day after walking, squatting, sitting and running!!


Overall Thoughts?

They’re pretty cheap and really decent quality tights. I know there are some brands which so charge a lot for nets (because you’re paying for the name here) but working with brands who are upcoming, these can be just as amazing! For the first pair I got to review, I am so glad that I got to do these as my first! I love the colour and how it matches my skin tone and it actually makes my legs look totally bare from far but close up is where it becomes fun!

Now bring on the rest of them!!!


2 thoughts on “Miconets by Love Your Legs

  1. Love the look…. Love the nude colour….A great alternative to sheers for great looking legs in the summer weather…

  2. They look fantastic, there’s no doubt about it, and so do your legs 🙂
    I often wonder though, do you ladies get put off at all by one size tights manufacturers? It just doesn’t make any business sense to me, to produce only one sized tights.
    Just wondering…..