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Marco Romi ‘Sophie’ Stockings

I am certainly loving my pinks at the moment – after the Cervin Capri Bicolour Stockings I reviewed for UKTights, it’s got me wanting to do more with colours now. I have to say that I’m not as scared wearing coloured hosiery as I was before, and because of the encouragement and support I get daily from my followers does help me to grow within myself as well as on here! So thank you everyone, you’re a massive part of me and my hosiery life! *kisses*

So these babies I bought not too long ago and was going to review for Valentine’s day until I had a better offer come up from UKTights so unfortunately they made the cut and these just got pushed back.

My Outfit

So keeping in simple and very ‘work-mode’, I went for my bodycon dress along with my kitten heel strap shoes to make it all LEG LEG LEG!!! I kept my hair bedhead curly to give it a little ‘shaginess’ (I like to call it) and finished off the outfit with a gold and pink necklace. I did have a pink kitschy one but couldn’t find it in the wardrobe, so this one had to do. You can mix silver or gold with this outfit, depending on what suits you most.

My Deets:

Dress: Mango

Stockings: eBay

Shoes: George @ ASDA

Necklace: Gifted by hubby from Ibiza



The Review

The Packaging: Ok so this is the first time I have heard of this make, so I’m pretty intrigued to see what these are going to be like; peep hole at the top, stating 20 denier on the right corner and the model wearing a pair in black just to show the type of hosiery it is. Now I got slightly confused here as these look more like holdups than stockings as she isn’t wearing a belt of any sort to hold those up – interesting.

Then you get to the back of the packaging: “Luxury sheer stocking 15 den with lace top boarded and reinforced toes.” Ok so wait? First you state 20 denier on the front and then change it to 15 denier? Which is it? Getting into the packaging, I found them neatly wrapped around the cardboard but one thing I noticed – the band and how thick it is considering they are supposed to be stockings. But let me get inside and examine:



So I get in and then find there are 2 silicone bands around the lace!!! So loves, these are holdups not stockings like they mentioned. I had my belt out ready to go when I find that these don’t even need it!!! Major boo boo there!


Getting them on: So first thing is first – how good are the bands on these? Well I got to say they are pretty strong (well one holdup was!) They did manage to last all day without any sign of it coming away from my legs, so pretty pleased there. Once you do get them off, you will find that they don’t feel as sticky as they were to begin with, so I may need to get the adhesive out for these next time!


I used the scrunch and roll technique for these as it’s the easiest and safest way to get hosiery on. I have to say I didn’t need to gloves for these as even though the denier is light, they do feel slightly thick.

Does the band keep flapping around, going inside out? Well no actually. These bands stay put whatever you do with them. I find some can be’flimsy’ in the sense of it just moves everywhere and you have to keep unsticking them from one another, but I can’t say that I had this problem. One thing you might find is the under section of the band peering out when it’s stretched. It’s nothing major but I thought I would point it out just so you can see what I am on about.



How do they feel and fit: I have to say DAMN WELL! Let me just say that these were flat packed and not shaped to the legs, so I thought they wouldn’t curve into bends and gaps, but they actually do. They actually sit flush against the legs in every single bend and I am dead happy about that! So not only do they feel thicker than 15 denier but they fit perfectly snug tot he legs as well! I am so impressed here! They feel so soft and smooth against the legs, not silky but smooth enough that you legs start to slide off one another.


Around the toes: Now you will see a contrast between the images below – one quite dull and one quite rich. The dull is when the camera wants to play up and the rich is actually the right tone of the holdups. They are a lovely bubblegum pink colour, which is different to the candyfloss colour of the Cervin Stockings. I can happily say that these are definitely reinforced toes and I didn’t have a single issue with them at any point of the day. They fit lovely around the toes with wiggle room too so no complaints!


Snagging?? Well up until the very last photo I took, I didn’t have a single snag in these pair. But I do have to say with a tear forming that I did end up with the worst snag ever that actually turned into a run 🙁 I have no idea how it happened but I was jut around to take a close up shot of the knee when I find this!!



Overall Thoughts?

I do admit that I really like these even though they couldn’t make up their minds about what sheerness it is and if they’re stockings or holdups!!! The pink is a lovely colour which I can see working well in the Spring/Summer. I love the way they hug the legs and the quality is actually really good (minus that damn run!)

Thanks eBay for this little cheap gem!

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