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Gatta Tancia Tights

And here we have something I like to call a 2-in-1, purely because it looks like over knee socks layered with sheer tights, when in actual fact they’re combined! I love it when they do that; it makes life so much easier, and it looks pretty trendy!

I have to admit I had to think about what to pair these with for a little while – did I want white? Did I want colour? Was I going for a longer skirt or dress or keep it mid-thigh?

The Spec

Colour: Grafit / Graphite

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: Around 10-15 top / 30-40 bottom


My Outfit

I decided to settle with my black turtle neck bodycon dress and flat pumps to begin with, and then heels for work. I have to admit I didn’t last long in them as I hurt my foot the other day, so I had to take it easy and not kill myself being in heels!

I teamed up with a silver/grey statement necklace so the outfit wasn’t too plain and left my hair down instead of doing a side plait like I wanted to at first! It sat so nicely after I straightened it and didn’t want to spoil it by tying it up!

My Deets

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Tights: Gatta

Shoes: Dom Shoes


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The Review

The Packaging: I will let it speak for itself this time as I have reviewed so many, a lot of you will get the jist of how they come.

The back doesn’t state much about the hosiery this time though:

Melange ladies tights” – melange means ‘varied mixture’ by the way!


Getting Them On: the scrunch and roll with hosiery gloves is a must only so you don’t end up snagging the sheer top. ¾ of them are a thicker denier which means snags won’t really be seen (I hope to God not!), so it’s easier pulling this bit on, but as it’s a sheer top, I wouldn’t want to risk it.PhotoGrid_1495041719395

The best thing about this is, it doesn’t matter how high you pull them up as they will fall back in place where they are meant to be on you later on when you start moving around in them. I did them slightly higher in the morning, and by the afternoon they have settled into position by themselves.



The Look: is just awesome. Yep it’s plain and simple, but can be very versatile too. I paired this with a bodycon dress for work and a pair of heels to make it more office-like, but you can always turn it around and make it super casual if you wanted. I know I will be rocking these with some shorts, trainers, t-shirt and a bowler hat on the weekend to dress it completely down!


The best part about these is that they’re super soft and so smooth to touch. It’s not a super thick denier, but a lovely cashmere feel which helps dresses and skirts to glide across them rather than cling on, and the fact that they’re slightly sheer is just a bonus! Normally I don’t like it when it’s sheer when it’s supposed to be opaque, but these do look cute (I suppose it’s the grey that makes better than black).



The Waistband: is a good one! It’s slightly thick, but holds steady in place all day and keeps them up. I thought it would end up rolling down my tummy as I was sitting quite a bit today, but they have stayed flat on me the whole time! The gusset sits flush against me too without budging so always a good sign!

The Toes: are lovely. Very spacey and roomy with the seams staying put all day too. I thought I would have to keep pulling them away but that wasn’t the case, I had more than enough room but not so much that you can see it’s baggy!



Overall Thoughts?

I really like these. I think they’re super cute and very versatile. I love the way the sheer is a darker shade of the bottom half of the tights, so it works well with a lot of colours. I would have liked it to be black at the top, but actually I’m glad that they’re not as the colour makes them look a lot more casual and it’s down to you the way you dress them. They don’t have that look where they’re dressy to begin with, so the fun starts there!

Thank you Gatta for such a cute pair!