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Gatta Fancy 07 Tights

Into another pair of Gatta we go 🙂  I am slowly trying to start getting back into Gatta after taking some time off from it last year when I was just reviewing constantly.

I do have to say I still have some pairs that need to be done, so watch out next month when I will be bringing Gatta back!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 91% polyamide, 9% elastane

Price: £8.64

Website: Amazon –  Gatta Women’s Plain 20 DEN Tights – black –


My Outfit

I kept it nice and simple with a black long sleeve top with my statement birdie skirt and added my chunky bow heels to finish it off.

I left my hair down and straight (thank God it stayed put all day) and added small pearl studs.

My Deets

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Gatta

Shoes: gifted via Amazon




The Review

The Packaging: most of the time, the packaging for Gatta is the same. They only vary if they’re not fashion tights only or are part of a collection which are offering different styles. This one has the model on the front with the brand and make name, along with hosiery care, sizing and the following stated on the back:

Tights for ladies, patterned, made of braided elastin type yarn, matt.”

Once you get in, these are neatly folded around card and flat packed, so you will need to certainly scrunch and roll to get them on.



On The Legs: so getting them on with hosiery gloves was easy enough to do. I would be mindful of any anklets you might wanna wear underneath. I scrunched and rolled both legs (always makes it easier) and then just lined up my design before I then adjust my waistband.

On the legs, they fit great. They don’t fall down at any stage and they stay put all day without any issues.

The denier is actually nice and light, with the design being a lot lighter to give a clear diamond effect with darker denier polka dots. I think it’s an interesting combination to be honest… And I love it!

The quality of them are fab; no snags or rips occurred during the day which is always amazing. I do have to say that I was at my desk most of the day so couldn’t really put them to the test like I normally would do on a daily basis.

The design is something that can work for an office, a casual outfit, and potentially a night out. It works from the toes to the top of the knee and then becomes a sheer plain denier upwards.



The Toes & Ankle: enough wiggle room for sure! These aren’t reinforced so you gotta be careful with sharp/long nails, otherwise you’re all good throughout the day.

Around the ankles, these stay smooth and no wrinkles are in sight which is always nice so you can wear heels and open types of footwear without having to worry!



The Waistband & Gusset: this is so comfortable. I never had any issues with Gatta waistbands before; they hold up well, they stay put and they for sure don’t roll over itself throughout the day regardless of how much you might be sitting.

The gusset is a standard cotton one which blends into the hosiery so it’s not a lighter patch (which you can get sometimes).



My Thoughts?

Overall I think these are fab; something that can work in various ways depending on your mood. I wore mine to work, but I would certainly rock these out going for a day out shopping!

The quality is amazing, the design is unique and overall I would recommend these if you can get your hands on them before they go!

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