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Fiore Carola Tights

So on this lovely but cold day, I asked myself what could I pair with my black skater dress and boots? And that’s when I though about which pair of tights are in my reviewing bag that I haven’t got round to yet….

Thank you to Anonymous for these, very different I must say. Surprisingly it didn’t take me long to get an outfit together with these.

Usually when a pair of tights are out of my comfort zone, I struggle a little because in my head they need to either complete an outfit or become the statement piece.

… And with these pair, they completed my outfit.

  • They were packaged well – I have no complaints.
  • A really nice thick foot to thigh piece on them – these would be around 40-50 denier I would put them as with a 20 denier sheer top.
  • Easy to get on – I scrunched down and rolled up with these due to the thickness.
  • Definitely love the contrast in colours, makes the outfit a lot more casual yet playful.
  • I would say because of the thickness at the bottom, these wouldn’t need the reinforced toe as they would be hard to rip.
  • Didn’t even have the problem of snagging in the grey area, however I did manage to do a small one on the sheers!!

The only blah thing I noticed was that the toe area it wasn’t fitted – as my left foot is skinnier than my right you could tell the little end gatherings were present but with my right foot it fit perfectly around the toes. So if you’re wearing with open toe shoes, just keep this in mind.

Would I recommend? Oh yes! I love the way they look especially with mini to mid length dresses to show off the design at the top. As mentioned, because they’re casual yet playful, they’re very easy to pair up with I think. Flowy skirts rather than bodycon would be better suited with heels or even converses would switch it up depending on the look you’re going for.

So my deets for today:

Skater Dress – Quiz Clothing

Tights – via Amazon

Boots – Forever21


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