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Fiore Alexis Mock Hold-ups

It’s been a while since I have touched Fiore but now I am back in them and in a pair that I wouldn’t normally buy! I thought I would give them a go seeing as I’m in the experimental mood this month!


My Outfit

I decided to add a touch of colour to these with my orange skirt. I was opting for black first and then realised it would look to secretarial – so orange did. I went with my polka dot fitted shirt (which I got from Lyon, France) and teamed up with my booties that I’m normally in! I left my hair down with natural bed head curls instead of straight hair – it added to the outfit and made it a little more fun and casual rather than professional.

My Deets:

Shirt: Jennifer (Lyon, France)

Skirt: River Island

Tights: Via eBay

Boots: Forever21


The Review

So packaging on Fiore is always quite basic unless it’s a luxury range (seeing as these aren’t) – it’s just the model at the front showing the design and a small description at the back.

I noticed when I took them out the packaging and put my hand through that there are slight bobbles in them.


And then further down I noticed a few snags already in the 40 denier – so wasn’t too happy about that! But I won’t be sceptical, I’ll wait until I’ve done a full day in them before I make my mind up!


So during the day, they were perfectly fine. I didn’t have any more snags and they lasted really well. They didn’t slip like some Fiore’s do, and held well.

The best thing about these were the reinforced toes, as my feet were slipping slightly in my boots today (the denier on the feet are super soft!) and I thought my toenails were going to rip them, but they were completely fine. Do you know what that means? REINFORCED TOES!!!


The band on these were great – they didn’t roll down or anything and stayed put throughout the whole day. They didn’t become loose either – normally they can after a few hours of sitting down and standing, but these kept going!

Now the design – I love them! I thought it was quite kinky first and looked like it belonged with a maid’s outfit, but I suppose that’s where you turn it into something fun and team it up with funky colours to take away the risqué look!


I love the denier contrast on these – that’s where the mock look comes in; from 40 denier working into a 20 (by the looks of it). I think these are perfect for winter – where layers would work a treat! I would have added thigh high socks to these but seeing as it was a work outfit, I couldn’t. However I would wear these again with a casual outfit and team up with socks, boots and jumpers to make it more snug but keeping the legs a statement piece.


Now the only downside about these tights are that they pick up small fluff, so me rolling around on the bed did not help! Keep a lint roller handy with these to keep them looking pristine otherwise you will just need to keep dusting off depending on what environment you’re in! (Please excuse my fluffy slippers in this image!)


Overall I think these are a lovely simple looking pair which can work well with so many outfits. Whether you keep your outfit simple or bold as anything, these will pair great with them. The quality of these are really good and I can see these lasting a while as long as you look after them. I don’t think I would want to be rough with these!!


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