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Dore Dore Palestro Tights

Well I decided to go really cutesy today and co-ord up with my hosiery (well the best I could). I bought this dress off eBay and absolutely love it, and then I realised that I had the perfect hosiery to go with it gifted by a follower!

Now my last review on the Dore Dore Satine 20 Stay-Up Stockings were amazing, so I’m pretty excited to give these a go once again but in the form of tights!


The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Materials: 82% polyamide, 10% elastane, 8% polyester

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

So keeping it monochrome (of course) I went with my midi rockabilly-style dress (with a nice big band across it) teamed up with these babies and I added my dom court shoes (which I ended up leaving in the car – it was too cold to get them back out of there). I smartened it up with the shoes, but you can always opt for sandals to make it even cuter!

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Tights: Dore Dore

Shoes (Not Here): Pleasuredom Court Shoes




The Review

Packaging: okay so very basic at the front with the model wearing them, and at the back, you have a small window at the top and middle so you can see the design. It doesn’t state much if I am honest, but it does. It gives you the sizing, the places they’re dotted around and a little about wash and care.

When you get in, you will find these neatly flat packed, which works perfectly as you can scrunch and roll with the backseam flat rather than in the subtle horizontal line that you can sometimes get when it’s shaped to the leg.



Getting Them On & On The Legs: okay so make sure you scrunch and roll as it will be easier to get your line up right at the back. It started off well on one leg and then went spaz on the other so I had to give it a few goes on the left leg before I managed to get there! The bands do sit very low, so just make sure that you’re not over-tugging them. Although they will slowly slide into place once you start moving in them.


One thing I did find is that the backseam on the right foot I had issues with all day – it kept moving out of place and bending towards the left. I had to readjust and take them off so many times, but nothing seemed to keep them in place! You can tell in the 2nd picture below what I mean! Otherwise they weren’t so bad.PhotoGrid_1508943262631-1.jpg

These do feel amazing on and do look great (minus that mishap) – they’re a lovely matte finish with a bright contrasting band on them. At the front it does look a little plain with oomph on the thigh, but at the back I love how it has a lot going on which I think works so well.


The Design: is different but totally awesome! I love the way they have done these; it gives it that simplicity but then that wow factor as well! I’m so glad I paired them up with this dress, even though the dress is pretty long and you don’t see the actual band. The backseam does show behind, which gives it that mysterious where-does-it-lead-to?



The Toes: so not reinforced but they were still pretty good lasting all day in my courts. I always find in courts I tend to rip them more easily as you’re toes are pressed against he top and rub (and it doesn’t  help if you have long toenails either) – but these lasted well! There’s plenty of wiggle room in them, and no need to just pull them to release any pressure.



The Band: I didn’t manage to get a pic of the band around my tummy, but it is pretty neat! It had the DD on the front and back of the hose (with a small label tag inside so you know which is back and front). It’s comfortable, has tons of elasticity in there and sits so well all day. It doesn’t budge at all whatsoever. It sits around belly button level which is comfortable enough. You can pull them higher, but it will only slip down and sit where it’s supposed to.



My Thoughts?

Such a cute pair that works! I’m a little hesitant to wear these with shorter dresses as I don’t want the band to be exposed at work (not something that sits comfortable with me), but otherwise I love them.

The quality is great (no snagging at all throughout the day), the design is just so retro (I love it!) and they fit great! I don’t think I need to say anymore to be honest, as these kinda speak for themselves.


2 thoughts on “Dore Dore Palestro Tights

  1. The seam only goes to your knee i do like seams maybe the checker band could of been placed higher too

    You do look good in them and i do like the dress matching with them.