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Charnos Floral Tights

Woooooo floral net tights are back out again, and this time I am reviewing Charnos for you! I love patterns like these – it turns a normal pair of legs into something spectacular without even trying!

I was debating if I should have worn these with a pop of colour, but as the good old British weather decided to chuck it down from 6am this morning, I thought let’s just keep it simple and make the legs my eye-catcher!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small/Medium 

Price: £11.99

Website: UKTights Charnos Floral Tights


My Outfit

Don’t hate me for it, but I have done all black everything with my court shoes today to make it more on the smart side than the casual!

I kept my hair up in a pony and just added a simple drop necklace with some small studs – cute and girly enough!

My Deets

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Charnos via UKTights

Shoes: Soletrader

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins


The Review

Now Charnos has been out of my sight for a while, and I am glad to be back in a pair after such a long time.

From UKTights:

“* Beautiful floral design
* Pattern through toe
* Fashionable
* 94% Polyamide
* 6% Elastane”
“A classic floral is always a popular number and you won’t ever find it missing from a collection. These new floral tights from Charnos are a great example of just how beautiful and delightful they can be. Every inch is rich and packed with detail, yet the simple sheer black material is perfect for keeping this complex pattern versatile and easy to wear. If you want a complex and rich pattern that is not over the top, then a floral like this is the one for you.”

The Packaging: very minimal, simple and it does its job in not so many words. The window is at the front (which shows the cardboard in the tights so you can see the design clearly) with not so much written at the back:

Complete your look with these floral tights from our seasonal collection. Pattern through toe.


I can’t fault it to be honest as I can see what product I am getting, and it actually matters what’s inside rather than basing it on what the outside looks like.

Inside you will find that these are neatly wrapped around a piece of cardboard and then one is inserted into a leg. It’s easy to take out without the tights being snagged (I was pretty rough with it this morning as I was running late) but no harm done to the hosiery!


Getting Them On: scrunch and roll with hosiery gloves is a must with these. even though they look like a pretty thick denier, they actually aren’t as the base of it is pretty sheer. I nearly snagged them on a nail right near the waistband but had a lucky escape! I would be careful over anklets which might be sharp or pointy, but otherwise it’s ok on similar to ones that I wear.


The Toes: have no reinforcement and are just sheer, so good enough to wear with peep toes or sandals. I was hoping that they might be being nets, but never mind. They have enough wiggle room in them and the seams stay put all day regardless what shoes you wear. I find some slip further down the back of the toes and you can end up feeling them, but I didn’t with these.


Up The Legs: is really nice actually. Let me just mention something here; don’t get alarmed but these are actually longer than my legs when I got them out the pack! I was dreading if they were going to be too long for my and start crinkling at the ankles, but they were actually nice and fitted!!


Excuse the filthy mirror!!

It doesn’t feel itchy even though the material does feel slightly rough to begin with, but they’re fine once you get them on. They hug the legs really nicely and don’t budge throughout the day. I will say that these will make your clothes stick to them as they aren’t a smooth finish, so with flowy skirts or dresses, you will be ok but with anything bodycon it will hold it in place and cause that weird rub sensation on the legs after a while. That happened to be with a pair I did back in the day (different brand) where it held my skirt in place (great!) but then my legs felt really weird after when taking them off; it was a really weird sensation which made me feel uncomfortable wearing them with tight clothing again.

The Waistband: is fit for purpose. It’s comfy, doesn’t hurt after a day’s wear and certainly doesn’t roll down! I was scared that it might after pulling them up and down a few times during the day but that wasn’t the case with these. they aren’t too thick or too thin, but nice enough to stay put wherever they sit on you. Mine always tend to sit in line with my belly button (so pretty high) as I’m quite short, but for the average height it would be just under.


The Denier & Design: I am in love with. Talk about being out there and being noticed. Even though I had my boots on, it didn’t stop people seeing that bit of thigh covered in that gorgeous floral print! I love the way that’s on a 20 denier sheer (well approx) which makes the design just pop. But honestly I really love the way these just stand out and look amazing. Even my legs look pretty nice and slim in them compared to most patterns I have in my collection, but then again each style is different so you can’t knock it!


One thing I will say to watch out for is bobbling on the tights – this is where it rubs against another piece of clothing and it starts to lint/bobble up. I’ve had this before with a pair of Charnos as well as other brands, where the net is rough but it catches so easily and creates bobbles all over the tights.


Overall Thoughts?

I love them – simple as that. They’re affordable, effective and make my legs look great. If you’re after a statement piece, then these are the ones to go for if you’re into your florals. Whether you work it alone, or with a pair of over-knee socks or another pair of sheer tights, it would work wonders as a base!


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