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Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Hold Ups

So let’s get into a pair that I had purchased so long ago, and now finally found the time to get them on to review. As the weather has been so great, the last thing I wanted to do is be in 60 deniers… But now fall is here… I can finally do colour pops to work!

I get that a lot of people are not a fan of colour blocking, but I find it so beautiful (when it’s done right) – it’s such a different way of expressing yourself; whether that be an emotion, feeling, personality…

The Spec

Colour: Purple

Size: Small

Denier: 60

Materials: 90% Nylon 10% Lycra

Price: £2.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Hold Ups – Hosiery Outlet


The Review

From The Website: These 60 Denier amazing opaque hold ups are hugely popular for their simple, comfortable and durable design. Featuring soft, matt yarns, a simple plain satin top, lined with silicone bands and a reinforced toe these purple opaque thigh high stay ups are suitable for everyday wear. The 3D lycra technology means they offer a perfect fit. Add a pop of colour to your everyday wardrobe with these purple opaque hold ups from Charnos. 90% Nylon 10% Lycra

60 Denier
Soft, Matt Finish
Bargain Hosiery!
Plain Top with Silicone Bands


The Packaging: so these came with that small cardboard packaging around them rather than in a plastic wrap and all that jazz. This just makes it easier to get into, but the downside being it means it can get snagged easily if you’re not careful. I’m grateful that these are a thicker denier as they can withstand it a little better than denier under 40!

Getting into these aren’t an issue; you just need to make sure you’re careful unwrapping the card so you don’t catch the holdups by mistake.

There isn’t much to say about what’s written; it’s very basic and more about the composition and hosiery care (along with the sizing guide of course).


On The Legs: oh my lord they look so nice. I love this purple; it’s kinda like the brand Cadbury’s and it works so well against a gorgeous bright colour to really help it stand out. I love how it’s pretty opaque but when stretched (mainly on my thighs) it has some slight sheerness to it.

One thing I do like is the denier isn’t too thick, which means you still get that lovely leg shape rather than a thicker heavier denier which can make your legs look bulkier than what they actually are. I do own a few pairs like that and they hardly get worn because of that reason.

The fit and feel of these are superb; they fit like a glove on the legs and these can be pulled right to the top (so they sit under the tushy with ease) and they still feel super smooth and amazing. They’re soft with a lovely smooth touch to them. These are the type to gather dust though due to the texture of them, so just keep a hand free from time to time to dust yourself off.

Even though they’re plain and a block colour, I really do love these and the way they look on the legs. I was hesitant at first (like I normally am with colour) but I am so glad I chose to go with bold colours rather than just black or white to really emphasise them.


The Toes & Ankle: so these have a little strip going across the toes (obvs reinforced) which is great (and something that I expect with higher deniers).

These fit the feet so well as well around the toes, which is always great news when wearing open open shoes/sandals.

Around the ankles, these are a smooth finish with no sign of any wrinkles 🙂


The Bands: now these are some good band I gotta say. Not only do they have a nice bit of chunkiness to them, but the silicone bands inside are fabulous! They hold up so well and really do stick well to the skin without it feeling like it’s tugging.

Like I normally do, I wore mine quite high and this can sometimes take a toll on the hosiery if they aren’t meant to stretch that high (hence why you get it a lot sheerer on thicker thighs) … But with these they were fine, it didn’t lose too much of the opaque-ness at the top (and to be fair I didn’t care too much as I like the ombre look) and they sat without it feeling like it needs to slowly slip down so it can sit in place (if that makes sense!)



My Thoughts?

For the price you pay, I think these are superb! I love the quality and the denier, and that fantastic colour. It’s perfect for this time of wear, no matter what colour you pair with it and how you dress it (whether it be up or down). I totally love them!

3 thoughts on “Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Hold Ups

  1. Beautiful review Soni,nice to read and above all stunning upclose pictures of your gorgeous legs&feet in these stay ups😘