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Charmante Autoreggente Borgese Holdups

It’s not Fishnet Friday for me babes I know… Still trying to find some to review! If you know of any that I haven’t done before, then please let me know – drop me links if needs be!

So I have another new brand (to me) is on the legs today, and the best part is that they’re deep laced tops! I was looking a little confused as they class these as stockings, when they’re actually holdups!

Now these are slightly different to what I normally wear; they’re a velvet lace design on them, which I think looks absolutely fabulous!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: S/M

Materials: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Denier: 40

Price: 18.50 euro

Website: Unknown


My Outfit

I was keeping it simple today after having a jam packed weekend; black bodycon midi dress along with my black court shoes (I left these at work by accident!)

I kept my hair down, added a long necklace and studs and off we go!

 My Deets

Dress: Forever21

Holdups: Charmante



The Review

The Packaging: so being the first time I’ve seen this make, I will try to say as much as I can about them. They came in a slim box, with the model’s legs wearing them at the front and some lowdown about them at the back:

fancy tights with reinforced toe” – how the hell are they tights?!

Once I got inside, I found them neatly folded in plastic (to protect them) and when opening them out, I saw them slightly shaped to the legs (so easy to line up and go!). I am pretty excited about these to be honest!



Getting Them On: I found the band a little big, but once I got them on my thighs, they sat really nice on. When I was rolling them up, I found them to be lacking quality; they had some lines and some weird patchy bits dotted around the legs, which I was a little concerned about but they faded out during the day.

I wouldn’t recommend itching your legs in these, as they leave those lines behind where you have to rub it away to make the nylons smooth again.



The Toes: now the toes for the first time felt cramped! They were pretty tight fitting; not too sure if they were supposed to be like that. However during the day it did start to loosen slightly so there wasn’t too much pressure. I wouldn’t suggest wearing court shoes if you’re going to be wearing these for the first time.



The Legs: now on the legs, these sit really high up. Not only are they deep laced, but these sat right under my bum cheeks and not once did they slowly fall down. I did think they wouldn’t be this high up, but something to note down there!


On the legs, I mentioned that I wasn’t impressed, but then again I’m too swayed by the lace velvet top to even think about how I’m despising the rest of it!


I think the denier is just right to make the band stand out, but it’s a shame about the lack of quality. These would have been so stunning if it didn’t have those little bugger points I mentioned!


Not gonna lie, I managed to snag these right at the end of the day, and it pained me to look down and take this picture 🙁  I had to be so careful not to bend the knee too much so it ends up being a rip!



The Band: let me tell you something about the bands on these; they are good! They are big to begin with, but to be honest the fit me fine after. These are double silicone banded, so they do have some good grip on them!

I wouldn’t advise you pulling these on and off so much, as during the day it did start to loosen slightly, so keep some roll on adhesive handy!


With regards to the way they look, they are STUNNING! I absolutely love the velvet and how luxurious they feel. I think wearing them in the bedroom with lingerie would do them more justice than wearing them under your dress or skirt if I am honest!

The one thing that was a little annoying was that my skirt kept being pulled by the velvet – so maybe not a bodycon or a material that will stick to them is advisable!



My Thoughts?

These are so stunning, and so luxurious without even trying! I love the velvet on the band; I think it’s a fine touch and perfect for the bedroom, out and about; anything to make you feel good about yourself!

I’m not too keen on the nylon part as this was too patchy for me; there were section where it has lines down them and I hate it when that happened so not too sure I like the quality of them.

Otherwise I think these are just super sexy!

4 thoughts on “Charmante Autoreggente Borgese Holdups

  1. Looks great. I love your outfit. A long dress is appropriate for modesty reasons. Great stocking top. Just a pity that few other, if anyone, would be able to appreciate it. You made a similar observation in your review. Loved the close up, even if it us just to show us the snag. I like to see the detail of the material.