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Cervin Capri Bicolour Stockings

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! I have got a little treat for you all today – I am finally reviewing the Cervin Capri Bicolour Stockings in a gorgeous flirty pink for you all! To grab yourself a pair to celebrate Valentine’s Week, head over to UK Tights whilst they’re still available!


I have done a review on Cervin’s before (Remember the red dress and the black stockings > Happy 20k – Cervin Stockings Review)

“Coloured Stockings can be a hit and miss with some, but until you give it a go, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! 

I have to admit I was one of them a while ago – I stayed away from colours and it’s only until I started reviewing is when they came in my life. From time to time, I do get nervous (I mean who wouldn’t when it’s new to you?) but once you’re in them and they make you feel and look good, all those thoughts go out the window and a new you shines through.”

So I went for pink – seeing as it’s Valentine’s week and I haven’t got a pink in my collection whatsoever so I knew I had to find a gorgeous pair to add to my collection and along came Cervin!

My Outfit 

So I kept it quite vintage – polka dots, vintage stockings and mid heel court shoes for work. To switch it to an after-work date, team up with a pair of peep toe stilettos and you’re good to roll!


You can make these flirty by adding skater dresses or skirts instead of a bodycon, or add a longer midi dress to make it more formal and pin-up like. I went with a bodycon (but one that hits my knees) to keep that classy, vintage style.

The shoes do matter with this one seeing as the stockings do crinkle and crease in the bends (sexy or what?!) so trainers may be a no-go unless you have that pair that teams up perfectly with them! Heels are always perfect and you can’t go wrong – maybe you might want to add a pair of coloured pink shoes or red to jazz it up?


The Review 

I’m gonna let you into a little secret – I don’t have anything negative to say about these whatsoever!

Once I received the stockings from UKTights (which was super-fast as always), the first thing I had to go was get into it to see what they were like! You’ll notice Cervin’s packaging is quite basic at the front, but it tells and shows you everything you need to know at the back:

Cervin, outstanding stockings and tights made in France.

Genuine 1940’s – 50’s nylon stockings. Authenticity of double stitching. Reinforced heels and toes.

You will also find 2 lots of sections where you can see the colours:

  • At the front it’s at the top of the packaging
  • The back is a small window with the bicolour (pink & black)



Inside The Packaging: You will find that they are perfectly folded around a thin piece of cardboard. Now I find this best as thicker can ruin them and leave deeper indents in the stockings, whereas light card just holds them in place and the indents easily come out. Not a single snag to be found on these when unwinding off the card so pleased there!

What you will find is that these will be shaped to your legs – folded horizontally so it means a better fit and a better line up too (if you had seams!) I love it when they do that!


How Do They Feel? Like absolute luxury! I mean they’re soft and just feel reinforced for a 15 denier pair. I know the toes and heels are for sure, but when you rub them in-between your fingers, you find it does feel slightly thicker than most 15 deniers and all because they are double stitched. It just means they are longer lasting in my eyes! Even when a snag does appear, it wouldn’t be one that could easily run down the legs! It’s happened to a pair before but the snag stayed as a snag and nothing more!


Why Those Colours? I have to admit I am coming out of my comfort zone with these pair – purely because of these reason:

  • They’re vintage so they fit to certain parts of the legs and crinkle where they’re supposed to
  • The colours are something unique and different to what I normally where
  • They’re stockings – so normally I do tights and holdups to work and not stocking so much, so still getting used to this feeling!

I picked these colours as I thought it was best suited for this occasion, and it would also work in the bedroom department too! I mean pink is sexy, girly, flirty and adds cuteness too! Getting the right pink and the right denier is hard as it suits some and not most, but with sheer baby pinks – you cannot go wrong here. Perfect for Spring & Summer coming up too with those pastel and floral dresses!

“With the pink, I wanted to start off basic showing others who don’t wear colours much that it is easy enough to do so – you just have to believe in yourself that you’re confident enough to wear them out and about and make those legs of yours the statement piece!” 


The Reinforced Bits: I absolutely love them. Not only are they great to have, but they just add to the whole look of them. They’re a lot lighter pastel pink but these could make a great little show piece in a pair of peep toes, slingbacks or sandals! I love the whole idea of these – it would be amazing if they did it in black instead of pink to make it more of a ‘wow look at that’!!


Holding Up: I’ve used a 4 strap suspender belt for these with plastic clasps. Not the wisest move this morning however I did not have time to use my 6 strap suspender belt with the metal clasps. They are holding up well I have to say since this morning. You will find when you first get these on, you think they are sitting and fitted perfect to the legs but once they’re pulled up with the straps, that’s where it will naturally fall and sit where it’s supposed to. I did feel a little uncomfortable at first as I could feel it moving down and then feel air between the stockings and my legs, but you get used to all of that. Otherwise they are well


How Do They Feel? 

“Like silk sheets on my legs!” I love the way these make me feel. There’s something about vintage stockings I have noticed – I was never keen but until you try a pair, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! I wish I had been in these sooner to be honest! When you rub your legs together, they just slip and slide like a pair of silky tights against one another. They don’t feel rough or grainy, but just a smooth sheer that your clothes just brush against.


Overall Thoughts? 

Oh my god look how much I have written? Can you tell that I really like these?!?! I haven’t found anything blah to say about them and I am so glad I opted for pink as my first proper trial of them. I am definitely getting some more colours in these! I love the brand, the quality and how they make me feel. My legs just look like candyfloss at the moment and what better way to mark Valentine’s Day!

Thank you Cervin and UKTights for these pair – the best pair of vintage I have tried!

6 thoughts on “Cervin Capri Bicolour Stockings

  1. Oooo you can’t beat the feeling of 100% nylons. The bi-colours look amazing and really stand out.
    You can really tell you liked these Soni. How many photos 😊 👌👌