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Cervin Belle Epoque Lycra Silk Stockings (Ivory)

Okay so we are doing a repeat of a past review on Cervin Belle Epoque Lycra Silk Stockings, however in a different colour!

Now with this review, I will be repeating bits from my previous by adapting to this trial run in the ivory and black holdups!

The Spec

Colour: Ivory / Black

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Materials: 94% silk, 4% elastane

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

I opted for my tulle skirt along with these bady boys. I was just playing dress up in my room today and mainly wanted to focus more on the holdups rather than what my full outfit was.

The Review

The Packaging: so the front shows the model wearing the hosiery (I think in the colour or similar to the one I have inside) with a small peep hole at the top, and at the back it’s a bigger window with the following stated at the side:

The qualities of silk.

Its protein based composition is close to that of the skin. It has natural insulating, anti-static and fire resistant properties. It naturally transfers moisture towards the exterior, creating a healthy and ideally balanced environment for healthy and comfortable wear.


Getting Them On: they’re pretty rough on the inside too (I suppose this is the raw type silk material), so I would advise hosiery gloves otherwise you will end up snagging these very easily; they’re a rough delicate material if that makes sense!! As these were slightly shaped to the legs, it made it easier to slide them right on (and they were fine over my anklets too)!

These do sit quite high (you’re talking under the tushy), so keep this in mind when pairing up with an outfit.


On The Legs: I’m not too keen on the rough looking texture on the legs in normal lighting; gotta consider that amazing silk from the mountains and all that jazz. The colour is so not my type if I am honest; I am not an ivory person and I always find it hard to pair with an outfit. I didn’t like that these looked and felt really rough, which then put me off a little. I’m sure they look stunning and all ballerina type, but I wasn’t digging it.

Now with the flash off, I found these to be a slightly two-tone; one minute they are a ivory sheen, next minute my skin comes through a lot more and it looks like a ivory tinge on the legs.

I popped the flash on nearer to the end of my set, and that’s where it looked more silky and a smoother finish on the legs!


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The Toes & Ankles: so this time I didn’t have any issues with the toes and heels on these; although I didn’t really get a chance to wear heels with this outfit to try them out. I don’t think the toes are reinforced (which I think they should be due to the delicacy of the material), however the heels are which is always a good thing!

These have wiggle room for the toes as long as you don’t overstretch on the legs; the toes take the brunt!

Around the ankles, these are a ‘smooth’ finish meaning no crinkling when you’re in them all day, so it’s all good here.


The Lace Band: now the band itself I have no complaints; these are a gorgeous lace with a double silicone band on the inside.

The only complaint I have to make is that you can see the ivory nylons end through the black lace which doesn’t look too pretty to be honest. I thought it was the silicone at first until I saw that it’s the nylons ending at this point.


My Thoughts?

If it wasn’t for the colour and the roughness, I would be loving these off! I love the way they make the legs look (especially my last pair) but the ivory is not my thing and I don’t like that you can see the roughness against the ivory as well.

The quality is great on this pair; no snags or rips this time!