Hosiery · Wolford

Wolford Rattle Tights

Bring on the snake print. I have to say I am not a snakeprint fan at all, but I thought I would give these a go seeing as they do look pretty awesome. I always find that models tend to make everything look so good, but when it comes to trying it on yourself, it… Continue reading Wolford Rattle Tights

Hosiery · Wolford

Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights

YESSSSSSSSSSSS I finally have these in my life! I have been eyeing these up for some time now, and I finally have a pair that I can call mine! These are one of the best purchases you can make when it comes to Wolford Hosiery! A massive thank you to my amazeballs follower for gifting… Continue reading Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights