Jaminy Leather Lace Skirt

Roll on Day 2, only this time we are reviewing the skirt that was paired with the Gatta Comfort Style Tights yesterday. I thought this should have its own blog seeing as I haven't reviewed clothing in a while. It won't be a proper detailed blog as there isn't too much to talk about, but… Continue reading Jaminy Leather Lace Skirt

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Gatta Comfort Style Tights

Now today is Day 1 of 2 with my review; I am reviewing the hosiery today with the skirt being a separate piece tomorrow ­čÖé Now as these weren't on their website, I managed to pull them from a stockist for you. Details are below: The Spec Colour: Black Size: 2 / Small Denier: 20… Continue reading Gatta Comfort Style Tights

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Verde Veronica Shimmer Bikini

And here comes another bikini which is mega delayed being reviewed, but I am so glad I got round to doing it this time round with the weather being utterly gorgeous! I managed to wear this in Ibiza so I could finally review it properly (and wear for the whole day!) The Spec Colour: Beige… Continue reading Verde Veronica Shimmer Bikini


Nataya: A History of Gloves & Their Significance

Throughout history, gloves have had both practical and ornamental functions. It goes without saying that gloves were used for holding hot or dangerous items to protect the hand, but gloves have also carried a more profound significance across a variety of historical contexts. Since there are so many different types of glove in existence (wheelchair,… Continue reading Nataya: A History of Gloves & Their Significance

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Gossard Everyday Boost Plunge Bra & Panty Set

Isn't it great when you get your hands on some real nice quality lingerie to just please yourself? I love it - I am always on the hunt for buying new bits and pieces and Gossard is becoming one of my favourite brands! Never underestimate the power of a good bra and panties Now let… Continue reading Gossard Everyday Boost Plunge Bra & Panty Set