Holylove Foot Chain

It's been so long since I have worn foot chains, and this pair is one that I will be taking with me to Ibiza! So one of my followers gifted me this a while back, and now the sun is out, these can be too without looking super weird rocking them on colder days! The… Continue reading Holylove Foot Chain

Hosiery · Socks

Unbranded Sheer Net Socks

Now let's switch it up and do some sheer mesh socks with heels. Even though I love fishnets, not many workplaces allow them, so I thought of another alternative that you can rock almost anywhere (with heels or trainers!) Now these were bought from eBay however the seller has removed the link so I can't… Continue reading Unbranded Sheer Net Socks


Gemini Mall Fishnet Bow Socks (Black)

Now onto the black version we go; my follower gifted both pairs together (bless them). Seeing as I did the white version of these yesterday, this review will be near enough identical, with a few tweaks. The Spec Colour: Black Size: One size Denier & Materials: Unknown Price: £0.89p Website: Amazon - Gemini_mall® Fashion Trendy Socks… Continue reading Gemini Mall Fishnet Bow Socks (Black)

Gabriella · Hosiery

Gabriella Art Lodz Student Cacti Tights

And we are in the Gabriella Lodz Student Tights once again, as I am loving their quirky designs. It's something totally different, and well ... That is where I come in! So if you didn't see my previous review of the 'eyes'm then hit the link below: Gabriella ASP LODZ Student ‘Eyes’ Tights The Spec… Continue reading Gabriella Art Lodz Student Cacti Tights

Hosiery · Tezenis

Tezenis Microfishnet Tights with Appliqués

So we are back in Tezenis once again, but this time in micronets. I last did them with the cute fishnet socks, which were adorable. If you haven't seen that blog, then hit the link below (opens in a new tab): Tezenis Pink Fishnet Socks I got these from when I went to Budapest, and… Continue reading Tezenis Microfishnet Tights with Appliqués