Donna Karan · Hosiery

Donna Karan Control Top Tights

Back into DK we go, and this time in a nude/bronze pair. I know you must think I am mad doing these in winter, when technically these should be summer tights, but I decided to layer with them instead showing the fact you can still pull off tan hosiery no matter what 🙂 So once… Continue reading Donna Karan Control Top Tights

Cecilia De Rafael · Hosiery

Cecilia De Rafael Country Tights

Back into thick deniers, because right now I have no choice - I have a lot of them to get through for winter (but I secretly love it as they're keeping my legs super warm) This is another pair that was sent to me from CdR with very limited details! The Spec Colour: Black Size:… Continue reading Cecilia De Rafael Country Tights

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Cute Hedgehogs Leggings by Beautifully Unique Leggings

And hello new brand to the blog!! This is a brand which I came across not too long back, and though they were adorable. They aren't your typical everyday leggings that is for sure! I had the option to pick which pair I would like, and seeing as they didn't have tortoises I picked my… Continue reading Cute Hedgehogs Leggings by Beautifully Unique Leggings

Cecilia De Rafael · Hosiery

Double Whammy: CdR Logo & CdR Space Tights

And off we go again starting the week with another double duet from CdR. We are still reviewing larger sized hosiery, and I have also found you links below where you can purchase them from this winter. The Spec For CdR Logo Colour: Black Size: 4 - Large Denier: 30 Materials: 45% Nylon, 40% Polypropylene, &… Continue reading Double Whammy: CdR Logo & CdR Space Tights