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About Soni Panda x

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! Soni is my name and hosiery is my game!


If you didn’t know already, I’m a fashion blogger – with a twist! You could say I’m a little addicted to hosiery and heels but there’s nothing better than them both combined! This isn’t work at all in my eyes; it’s a huge passion of mine being able to make a difference!

I love teaming up my outfits with various tights and stockings as well as heels and showing the world there’s so much more you can do with your wardrobe! Reviewing is one of the biggest things I do – you pop me any pair of nylons and I will tell you from the packaging right down to the details if these tights are worth it:

“I mean you don’t want to spend money on a pair that isn’t going to last in the long run right?”

I am currently in collaboration with a few companies and artists helping you guys make the right choices when it comes down to the main question – “Which ones do I go for and what are the benefits?


What Size Am I?

Just so you know when you’re reading through blogs (these will be in UK sizing:

Hosiery: XS/S or S/M

Clothing: 6-8

Shoes: between 5-6 / 38-39 euro


The Blog Side

I started my blog page on 18th February 2016 however I have been reviewing much longer than that on my Instagram page. I started off basic and what I thought about tights, and from there I decided to get myself a blogging page where I can do more in-depth reviews and adding loads of different pictures rather than spamming my Insta page! I have to say I have come a long way since then, reviewing all types of hosiery and making lots of new friends on this journey as well. I have been able to grow in confidence all thanks to my followers as I wouldn’t have got to where I am now thanks to them!

I love helping others make the right choices for them when it comes to hosiery as I realise not all styles suit everyone! But I will be the dummy and trial and error for you and let you make the judgement call!


What Makes Me Different?

I’m not your typical hosiery girl; I don’t expose and I keep it classy. Yes a little risqué doesn’t hurt from time to time, but my passion is more about taking away stigmas from hosiery and making them something that you can wear every day.

Stockings are the main ones in my eyes; everyone instantly thinks bedroom with some sexy lingerie. Well I turn that around and make it something that you can wear at the office or a shopping trip into town.

There is no such thing as “You can’t wear that there”; that’s where I come in and say “Watch Me”!


So enjoy the blog ladies and gents, and feel free to drop comments from time to time; it’s nice to see people appreciate my passion!


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