Céduire Tender Wave Tights

Round 3 with Ceduire and I have a good feeling about these seeing as the last 2 were not up to scratch in my eyes.   The Spec Price: $29 Size: One Size Website: Ceduire Tender Wave Tights   My Outfit I won't be doing a complete outfit for this blog, as I mainly wanted to… Continue reading Céduire Tender Wave Tights


Steven Wool Chunky Knitted Knee High Socks (Part 2)

Well I was surely mistaken by calling them over knee socks - they actually were over the knee for me (being a shorty!) so for everyone else who is taller than 5ft 4", these will be knee high for you! Okay so this is the second part of my blog focusing on the over knee… Continue reading Steven Wool Chunky Knitted Knee High Socks (Part 2)