Emilio Cavallini Leaflike Tights

Roll on Day 3 in my Emilio Cavallinis! I left a little gap between the reviews (sorry about that) as I was off to Berlin and couldn't be posting as much as I wanted to!  Today we have a weird and wonderful statement pair as part of their new collection for Autumn / Winter 2017!… Continue reading Emilio Cavallini Leaflike Tights


Emilio Cavallini Two Toned Heart Tights

Day 2 in my Emilio's .. and we have such a statement pair on! I flashed these on my Instagram and had a lot of people interested, wanting to see more! I spent the day doing up the new room, finally being able to move into it after months of doing it up. It's still… Continue reading Emilio Cavallini Two Toned Heart Tights