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77Denari Strippanti Suspender Tights

And today we are toning it down to a more casual look with the suspender tights. I wanted to do something a little dressier than yesterday, but that meant covering some of the motif on the leg. So instead I opted for a pair of shorts (instead of an oversized jumper in this gorgeous weather).

If you missed yesterdays review, then hit the link below to get more information about the brand and trying out the 1st pair:

77Denari A/W 18-19 Cream Printed Tights

The Spec

Colour: Black

Style: #1

Size: One Size

Denier: 80

Materials: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Price: €60.00

Website: 77Denari – Strippanti

My Outfit

I went for a little more laid back with my look today; I wore my orange bodysuit paired with my shorts and opted for white pumps. This helps to make the motif stand out of the legs rather than toned down with another colour.

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look

Shorts: off eBay

Tights: 77Denari

Pumps: Primark



The Review

From The Website: A / W 18/19, the STRIPPANTI are born, “L’Altra Linea” by 77denari. A new line that through the body interprets “the other from itself”; a second skin that expresses with joy the joy of loving bodies and loving life, exploring the universality of simple transmission of thought / symbol.

100% made in Italy: the basic pantyhoses and socks are made by Italian manufacturer DUEC Calzificio located in Goffredo Castiglione;

100% handmade screen printing: no use of printer;

composition: 85% polyamide and 15% elastane;

one size fits all: the basic product is extremely elastic for sizes S-M-L;

drawings only with water colors;

limited edition: max 100 pieces for model;

high resistance and durability of the design: hand washing at 30 degrees is recommended.


The Packaging: as I mentioned yesterday, I love their simple packaging. To see my full opinion, then skip back a blog 🙂

Otherwise I will let the images do the talking below …


Getting Them On: I can’t say there was much of a struggle getting these on to be honest. As long as you scrunch and roll these on, you’re good to go. Plus what makes it easier if that these are super soft and such a nice material – there is minimal fuss 🙂



On The Legs: well can I just say that these are just awesome!

So different, so edgy and I absolutely love it!

The denier being 80 means you get more of a opaque black, but I have to say you do still get some sheerness where it has stretched out (on me it’ll be the thighs). Not a bad thing though if you’re looking from a distance as it will show as a block black colour.

The quality of these once again are amazing. I had no issues at all being in them for the day – they have served me so well! No snags, no runs, no catching … Nothing at all!

The fit of them are great, apart from the suspender part where I felt they were slightly too tight so my thighs were squishing out a little from time to time. It’s worse when I sit down! Otherwise these are a great fit! The feel of them are just like my previous pair; they are super soft and really lovely on the legs.

The design is something unique and I really love it; it translates to “nothing is more powerful than a fantasy” which sums these up pretty well I say! You can wear these on their leg as there is no right or wrong way – either in the inner leg or stick it on the outer! I have to say I had a little issue again with the print where it faded from a bright white to dull white in some parts.


The Toes & Ankle: another great pair which fit around the toes, feet and ankles nicely. There was plenty of room for the toes to move and not any extra material in sight. Once again, these will wrinkle slightly due to the higher denier but it’s normal so I wouldn’t worry too much.


The Waistband: and another great feature is that soft comfortable waistband. This time I have it splitting so you get a full open crotch area – great for those who love this feature.

The band itself is slightly thicker than my last pair, but it doesn’t stop it being super cosy to be in. They move with you once again and you actually forget that you’re wearing it after a while.

Elasticity isn’t lost either no matter how much you stretch these out – which is fab if  you’re after a longer lasting pair!



My Thoughts?

This brand has won me over. I love their designs, I love their quality and I love how soft they actually are. Even though they are quite thick, you don’t actually feel it on the legs when you’re in them – and that is something not many brands can offer!

Apart from some faded parts on the motif, I love these and would totally recommend them if you’re into unique printed designs!

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