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Zohara ‘You’ve Got A Point’ Tights

I’m on such a roll this week as I have got all my outfits planned and ready for the nylons I’m reviewing this week and I thought what better way to start than on Sunday!!

I know this was yesterday’s outfit but I was at my mum’s for most of the day and I knew I wouldn’t have time to sit down and review these!

***Now I must apologise here as I have worn these before (this was around Christmas) but never had the chance to get round to reviewing them let alone posting a snippet. So I thought I would bring them out again and give them a go second time and see if they’re just as good as when I first had them on!***


My Outfit

Seeing as it was Sunday, I went casual-ish (I know it would still be something that I would wear at work but I teamed up with converses instead of shoes).

I tried so hard to find another outfit that could potentially go, but this was the best one to make the legs a statement piece instead of blending in.



The Review

Now let’s start with the packaging: it has got to be the most unusual I have ever come across. I have never seen tights boxed up like this before. Talk about damage control!! I was dead impressed when I opened my parcel to find them in here! Fab peep window at the front to show the design off and then an image at the back with some basic info about them. You simply can’t go wrong!


One thing I love about these tights is how it’s heavy designed from the bottom and slowly becomes more simple towards the thighs. That’s one of the reasons I bought them! I love the way it just makes the outfit into something fun and funky!


Now I am not too sure, but I don’t think these have reinforced toes to them (it didn’t state on the packaging). As I always say, when it’s a thicker denier they are normally fine around the toes, and as these are 120 denier, I am sure it would be fine with longer nails to wear these. I certainly had no problems with them whatsoever throughout the day.


Now I don’t know if you have noticed, but the back of the tights are quite different from the front. They don’t have the design under the foot, as it starts half way up the calves. At first I didn’t click on when I wore them before, but I think it just adds to the quirkiness!


Now you all know that I would normally team up with a pair of heels (regardless) but seeing as I haven’t done a casual outfit in so long, I wanted to show you all that you can do these with trainers (I went with converses). You can easily do these with boots or heels.


One thing I did find out these is one of the worst things that could happen to a pair of tights – and I’m not on about snagging here. With printed tights (especially if it’s like a foil-type print), you ned to be careful how you fold and store them. I found out the second time around that I folded dots on dots, and then came out with a double print. If you look closely, you can see! I was dead annoyed when I saw that – luckily it’s only on the side of the legs!!!


I also took a picture of how it looks like towards the top of the legs; where the gradient fades away. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t change denier from toe to waist – it’s still thick, still soft and still hard to snag!


Speaking of snagging – it is pretty hard to snag these you know. The best thing about them is that they are super soft and super smooth. If treated roughly, then I suppose you will end up having some, but at the price these are at, I don’t think you would want to!!



My Thoughts?

I think these are to die for. I love the quirky and weird prints they have and I will definitely be buying more. I have to say they aren’t cheap but I think these are worth it in the long run and with the weird and wonderful designs they have to offer, they’re a piece to add to your collection. I’m glad I have done so!

I love the way they look, the way they feel and the quality of these. They’re not a brand that I have ever heard of before, but giving them a go was the best thing I have done. It’s weird to say that they even could be alongside Wolford quality you know!!!


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