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Zohara Lily Of The Valley Tights

Back in Zohara again, this time with a more simple yet effective backseam. These were once again gifted by a follower, and I could not wait to try them on!

It’s so cold at the moment, and God knows what the weather is up to, so perfect to get those opaques back out once again!

The Spec

Colour: Black & Gold

Size: Size 1= 34inch-40inch / 5′-5’6″

Denier: 120

Materials: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Price: £24.00

Website: Amazon – Zohara ZOF282-BG Women’s Lily Of The Valley Black and Gold Print Tights


My Outfit

Well I was a little indecisive today, so I just kept it basic and went with my fluffy white jumper paired with my bodycon skirt and added some killer heels into the mix – because why not?!

I kept my hair down, and added small drop earrings to finish off the look 🙂


My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Zohara

Shoes: Domina Closed Toe Heels by Pleaser



The Review

From The Website: Chic black tights featuring golden fleur de lis at the calves.  120 denier.  Buy now for a great look with your skirts or shorts.  Size 1= 34inch-40inch / 5′-5’6″. Size 2= 40inch-46inch / 5’4″-6′

Chic black tights featuring golden fleur de lis at the calves.

120 denier

90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Hand Wash Only


Buy now for a great look with your skirts or shorts.

Size 1= 34inch-40inch / 5′-5’6″. Size 2= 40inch-46inch / 5’4″-6′

The Packaging: It comes in a slimline box where you see the hosiery through the window at the front. The back doesn’t go into much detail, but you see the model wearing the tights here.

Just so you’re aware, the box is generic and they just add a sticker of the model wearing the hosiery on at the back.

When you get inside, you will find these neatly wrapped around cardboard with a small piece of tissue paper tucked in between. Not too sure what good that did, but it’s there!



Getting Them On: these are easy to scrunch and fold up the legs as the denier isn’t that tough to stretch. I would use hosiery gloves if you have longer nails, but otherwise you should be ok. Even if you did manage to snag them, they won’t really show through!


Doing the line-up was pretty easy once you get your design right to start with. I had to mess with mine a little just to make sure it wasn’t overstretched on the legs before I did my line-up – this makes it easy just to roll up and get going!



On The Legs: these look so amazing. I love that block black that you get covering the legs (with some obvious sheer parts where it is stretched) with that fancy gold print design on the back. It’s a subtle statement piece which I think would look amazing with an evening dress.

The denier is quite thick which means these will be keeping those legs warmer than 20 denier ones will, and that it’s got real good coverage on the legs, so those hairs can be safely hidden away under these.

The quality of these are amazing; I do like Zohara because of this as they rarely snag or catch onto anything with that smooth silky finish they have on top and they are durable and can last you a while if you treat them right.

The design is just fab- it’s like a foil gold print on top of the tights which makes it even more effective. It starts from the top of the ankle and works right to the bottom of your tushy so you get a good backseam on these. I tried picking at it whilst they were on and rubbing it against other materials to see if it would wear off, but these stayed on so well!



The Toes & Ankle: around the toes, these have plenty of wiggle room and no sign of pressure put on the toes. I thought there might be some due to the thicker denier, but these are comfortable. I don’t think these are reinforced but the denier is thick enough to withstand mid-long nails if you didn’t fancy trimming down and I doubt any rips would occur that easily in them.

Around the ankles, the tights sit flush against with hardly / no sign of crinkling during the day.



The Waistband: these sit around the belly button part on me, and they stay up so well. They’re comfortable, fit really nicely around the stomach and I didn’t experience any issues this time round.


My Thoughts?

I think these are so gorgeous and one that can be worn multiple times with various outfits, depending on your mood.

I love the quality, I love the look and design of them and I think they’re perfect if you’re looking for proper leg coverage but don’t want to be Plain Jane!

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