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Zohara Cross It Tights

Yesssssssssssss, Zohara is back in my life once again. I have to admit it is so hard getting hold of these as not many sites stock it, and Zohara itself doesn’t ship to the UK!

So I got these gifted by one of my followers, who was kind enough to pop me a few to review, and this had to be the one I start off with!

If you haven’t seen my previous review on Zohara, click the following link:

Zohara ‘You’ve Got A Point’ Tights

The Spec

Colour: Black/Silver

Size: 1 / Small

Denier: 100

Materials: 58% Cotton, 37% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

Price: £24.00

Website: Amazon – Zohara “Cross It” Black/Silver 100 Denier Opaque Print Tights


My Outfit

To keep to the grey and black combo, I opted for my black quilted skater skirt paired with my grey scoop neck bodysuit and I added my patent peep toe heels into the mix.

I kept my hair up in a ponytail and just added small silver pearl studs to finish off the look for work.

My Deets

Top: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Zohara

Heels: Ajvani



The Review

From The Website: Love the look of these black tights adorned in silver geometric print.  100 Denier.  Buy now for a great look with your skirts or shorts.  Size 1= 34inch-40inch / 5′-5’6″. Size 2= 40inch-46inch / 5’4″-6′

Love the look of these black tights adorned in silver geometric print.

100 Denier.

58% Cotton, 37% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

Hand Wash Only


Buy now for a great look with your skirts or shorts.

Size 1= 34inch-40inch / 5′-5’6″. Size 2= 40inch-46inch / 5’4″-6′



The Packaging: I don’t know if you have seen the packaging to Zohara before, but it’s one that I really love. It’s so unique and totally different;. It comes in a slimline box where you see the hosiery through the window at the front. The back doesn’t go into much detail, but you see the model wearing the tights here.

Just so you’re aware, the box is generic and they just add a sticker of the model wearing the hosiery on at the back.


To get inside, you pop open the flap at the front and these are wrapped neatly in plastic packaging.


Once you get inside that, these are neatly folded around a plain piece of black card with a small bit of tissue paper inserted inside to help the prints from sticking to one another.



Getting Them On: so you can tell the front from back when you get these on by looking at the foot section. The front has a small thick denier section and the back has a larger section where it covers the sole and the print starts from the heel upwards.

I will be honest and say I had difficulty getting these on; the denier is proper thick and the print on it doesn’t help. I scrunch ¾ of the way down and then it got really bulky in my hands, so I had to hold the scrunch in one hand and then pull up the foot part with the other. I did this over my leg with the anklets on.

On the left leg where I don’t wear any, I literally got the toe section, pulled it over and then pulled them straight to the top.

You won’t need hosiery gloves with these to be honest; these are thick as it is and I doubt you will be snagging them easily!



On The Legs: so once I managed to get them on, these are super thick and super opaque. The only bit I find that shows a slight bit of leg would be the thighs of course, otherwise you’re talking block black!

The fit is great on these; proper hugging and not budging once they are on. Even if you have to sort out the lines on the front, you will either need to do a fair bit of pinching or you will need to roll them down, sort out and roll up again.

The feel is pretty rough I gotta say, and I’m talking about the actual denier here. It’s not as smooth as it looks, but then I suppose no-one’s gonna really be looking at that when the pattern is so in-your-face like!

The quality if these are decent, and I have no issues saying that either. My other pair of Zohara lasted so well and I love them! These are just as fab; hard to snag or catch, the print doesn’t come off easily (I tried scratching and picking at it as well) and I can see these lasting a good while if you take care of them properly.

Now the design; talk about bold statements. I feel like I’ve gone into the future with these… and I love it. My legs were the focal point and everybody else seemed to agree seeing as their eyes were constantly on my legs.

The print works around the leg, starting from the toes (or back of heel under the foot) and works right up to mid-thigh level. It then becomes a block denier.

The only blip I have to mention is with prints like these, it’s known for them to stick to one another and I found on the back of the leg that some of the white got stuck onto the grey part. It wasn’t anything too obvious (how could it be?!) but it did bug me to begin with.



The Toes & Ankles: there is plenty of wiggle room in these! These are reinforced on the toes, but to be honest as soon as your nails aren’t too long or sharp, you’re all good really.

I didn’t have an issue with the print on the feet; I thought I would but actually, it’s all good really.

The bottom of the foot is a plain denier which works well as you don’t want the print to be transferring onto your footwear.

Around the ankles, these are ok. I found there to be slight creasing, which doesn’t look too great when the print is all crinkled. Otherwise there isn’t really much of an issue.



The Waistband: it’s a good one! These sit around the belly button part on me, and they stay up so well. The bonus about this outfit was that with my bodysuit, there was no way these tights could fall down.

The band itself is a soft one that doesn’t dig into you during the day, but not the most smoothest.



My Thoughts?

I really do like these; I think they’re so out there and perfect if you want something bold to compliment an outfit.

The fit is great, the feel is ok and the quality is brill too!


3 thoughts on “Zohara Cross It Tights

  1. Love the look of these and your legs accent the look of these. Bet they would look great on mine as well always love a different look in hosiery from the very plain to the over the top bold look..