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Zinspire Blue Fishnet Embellished Tights

My previous pair last week wasn’t up to scratch, so I am hoping this time it won’t be as bad. I decided to do something a little different and layer with a black pair instead.

I did nude with my Voberry Fishnet Tights last time, and they worked so well, but I have never done a darker pair with coloured nets before so this will be interesting.

If you didn’t catch my last review, then hit the link below (opens in a new tab):

Zinspire Blue Sparkle Fishnet Tights

The Spec

Colour: Blue

Size: One Size

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Price: £11.99

Website: Amazon – Womens Fishnet Sparkle Rhinestone Stockings High Waist Pantyhose Tights Socks Over Knee High Stocking

My Outfit

Let’s get cosy with my jumper paired with my leather tie skirt. I couldn’t decide on which heels to wear, so I went with my cobalt blue to match my tights this time.

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Base Tights: Gatta Monica 20D Tights

Fishnets: Zinspire

Heels: Zara



The Review

From The Website: Trendy Fishnet Stockings

Fashionable Hollow Out style – Fashionable hollow out knitted, Keeping Feet Drier and More Comfortable.


Perfect used as a fashion accessory with your dresses, skirts ,shorts, high heels, Hole jeans. Wear these sexy fishnets to party, club, or festival .

Attention Please

Color differences allowed for light effects.

Please allow slight size deviation due to high elasticity, It will be comfortable after 1-2 mins’ wearing.

Stretch and soft material, tight but not squeeze.Wide Elastic at waist, fit to body and hold tight.

Can be worn with your tops, jeans, skirt, short dress, or shorts, Suitable for club,party so on casual occasions

Wash Instruction: HAND WASH NEEDED. Do not iron. Long lasting and air dry only

Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not happy with our product, please contact us for a full refund or a free replacement.

  • ★Material: 90%NYLON, 10%SPANDEX.
  • ★Cute and sexy fishnet style, giving your legs a skinny and unique appearance.Look hot and incredibly stylish with this pantyhose
  • 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
  • ★Comfort and High Elasticity material , Glitter Rhinestone design make your leg more charming. Stretch waist Comfortably hug your legs with their stretch fit.
  • ★One size fits most – Height: 5′ – 5’10” / Weight Measurement: 100-170lbs.
  • ★Perfect used as a fashion accessory with your dresses, skirts ,shorts, high heels, Hole jeans. Wear these sexy fishnets to party, club, or festival.


The Packaging: is pretty much the same as my last review. They look identical and also come with a g-string.


Getting Them On: I’m gonna let my video below do most of the explaining for me as I had to write so much last time I wore a similar pair, so I thought it would be easier to show you:


On The Legs: now as I have layered this time, I hoped it would be better than the last. But actually, it hasn’t been that great. These still managed to itch my legs, despite wearing tights underneath.

If anything, it made it worse as it was non-stop for about 20 minutes!

The quality of these are still the same as last time, but not as bad with falling down as the base layer (which is matte) helped to keep them up and stay in place. The embellishments weren’t moving around as much and stayed in place for majority of the day. I gotta say that these really did snag up my tights real bad, to the point they are scattered all around the legs. I would need to wear a cheaper pair underneath if I was to ever wear them again.

The fit of these are no different; they are one size, which is meant for larger legs rather than mine. They are so stretchy and pretty loose at times if you don’t wear a base pair. The feel of them are rough, and well… I didn’t like them (and that’s me putting it politely).

The embellishments on these are a little more out there compared to the last, but I really do like the whole blue and gold look that they have going on. I just wish that more thought was gone into it, and then did their finishing on each piece a lot better so there wasn’t glue in places there shouldn’t be etc. They would have been so much better otherwise.

Now these sit a little different from my last pair; you have a thick thigh piece on the right and then the left leg has embellishments around the knees. Although bear in mind that this will change if you’re tall, short, wider etc.


The Toes & Ankle: now did you catch in my video that these have a foot where there is no seam so basically I have a hole for the toes. First I thought I ripped them getting them on, but actually were was no seam to be found anywhere, which meant they were defective when I bought them!

Apart from that, these are identical to my last pair. They come with a smaller net around the toes and then work into a larger net from there.

There is plenty of room around the toes and feet for them to move and breathe during the day. Around the ankles, it wasn’t as bad as these didn’t wrinkle at the ankles like I expected them to. Maybe the base tights did help there!



The Waistband: now the only difference here is that I layered my tights with a matte pair, which means that these nets hold up better than my last pair as they have something to cling on to. The band sat just above the other Gatta pair and they held up well. I would like to see how these are without a pair underneath and if I have the same problem like I did last time.

There is also no gusset on these; you’ll find a little part sewn so you know that’s the middle and then it works into nets again.



My Thoughts?

So against my last pair, I think these were slightly better, but only because I layered with them. I feel that they would have been exactly the same otherwise. I’m really surprised, especially when you pay quite a fair amount for them that they don’t actually fit well unless you’re a larger size. Overall these are ok, but still hesitant about recommending them.

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  1. Hi Soni,just wear these sexy dark sheers and you’ll be my alltime Goddess👣
    Have a nice weekend gorgeous😉

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Phew! That looks like a lot of hard work 😏
    As for the video… well, that was 1 minute and 55 of pure yumminess 😍

  3. Blue Fishnets over black pantyhose with sexy hi Heels. Very Sexy And So Hot. I love that u love to dress up. Keep the sexy post coning