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Yummy Bee Heart Stockings 

I’m still in a loved up mood, so I thought I might as well carry on with the Valentine’s theme and present to you the Yummy Bee Stockings.

I got these off eBay a while back and thought they were super cute! Although they aren’t a make I have heard of (and I am guessing it’s a cheaper brand as I picked these up for a few quid), I was eager to see what they’re like! Not everyone wants to fork out for bigger brands, so why not try some others right?


My Outfit 

So I decided to mix and match with my outfit – I wanted to stick with reds however I wanted to change it up by adding in a denim shirt. Now I know some will like it and some won’t, but that is where your thoughts and opinions come in as I want you all to tell me what you think to it? What would you have done different or how would you style it?

I went with my red lace up shoes just because I thought they were mega cute with the stockings – normally I would have gone with wedges to make it a cute outfit, however this time I thought let’s do heels and see how it pans out!

My Deets:

Denim Shirt: Republic

Cami Top: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Stockings: eBay

Shoes: Matalan

The Review

So the packaging is pretty basic – small rectangle box showing the model wearing them at the front along with a big window and small text at the back about the stockings. I am quite intrigued to see what they are like on now.


Getting into it I find that they are neatly wrapped around the cardboard and not with it inserted inside – thank god! I hate it when companies do that – it just knackers the tights!


So I find that these are slightly more sheer than I thought they would be. It doesn’t state the denier on here but it does feel around the 20s mark. Not a bad thing I admit, but it would have been nice if they were more on the thicker denier side to make the hearts stand out more – but that’s just me typing out loud here!


So the first thing I notice is that they mention stockings right – well it’s funny seeing as the model is just wearing them like holdups. So I thought I would give it a go and see how long they last for. There is no silicone bands or anything – just pure materials bands (so like over knee socks) so this should be interesting. Let me carry on with how I got on and I’ll come back to this after….

Now I was pretty confused here – I would like to say that these had reinforced toes as it went slight darker in denier around the toes, but it didn’t state anything on the packaging. So I am hoping that they are!!!!

Let me talk about the band here – I think it’s adorable! It adds such a cute factor to them, and especially with the net frills around the band – I’m just in love with the idea! Perfect with bedroom attire as well I must say!


Ok so little complaint here; the design. I love the hearts dotted around the stockings. It’s all over from toe to band, but the only downside is that it’s not been printed on properly. There are some where it’s overlapped and some that are smudged at the back. Once you notice it, you can’t keep your eyes off it which is dead annoying!


So coming back to how they held up throughout the day – well they didn’t last that long. I have to say that they did start rolling slightly on the thighs (it doesn’t help when you have thick thighs too) and it started sliding down when you walked a fair bit too. I think you may need to get a suspender belt on for these – reminder for future wear!


One thing I do like about these is when the flash hits it, it does have a very subtle shine to them. It’s not something that you notice when they’re on, but I noticed it when I was taking my pictures where I saw a lovely shine.


Overall Thoughts? 

So they are a cheap brand, however the quality is pretty decent for what you pay for. I do like how they look on and the cuteness behind it all, but the only bad thing is that you will need a belt with this and this is something that I would like to wear as over-knee socks with an outfit. It might be easier to wear a pair of sheer underneath (not too silky smooth mind) to help hold these up or if you’re feeling adventurous, add some silicone bands onto these and make them into holdups. Now saying that, it might be a good idea to do that!


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