Yuelie High Gloss Tights

So remember that pair that were plastered on my social media – and everyone loved? That glossy thick tan shine paired with those killer heels!

Yep, these are the ones that I will be reviewing for you today, and this time I’m doing an outfit for a night out in town. However instead of those killer heels, I will be switching them for a pair of thigh high lace boots that were gifted for my birthday from an amazing fan of mine! 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Coffee

Size: One size

Denier: 40-50

Price: £5.59

Website: Amazon – Yuelie Women Bar Stage Sexy Cut High Gloss Shiny Glossy Pantyhose Stockings Tights Hosiery Hose


My Outfit

I wore my bodycon black dress (basic but enough) paired with my thigh lace boots. I added minimal jewellery to this as I wanted to keep it pretty simple.

My Deets

Dress: AX Paris

Tights: Yuelie

Boots: Fashion Nova

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The Review

The Packaging: I can’t really say much about the packaging to be honest. It’s very basic and doesn’t tell you much at all about them. These come wrapped around card, flat folded and ready to get on.

One thing I do know is that colour is just amazing!

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Getting Them On: as these are quite thick, when you scrunch down to the feet, these will feel become tight. Don’t worry too much as once you get them over the toes, heel and anklets, they are completely fine.

I didn’t wear gloves with mine as the denier is thick enough to be honest.


On The Legs: oh my god they are just gorgeous. I used a mix of natural lighting and flash to show you the difference, and boy is there a massive one too!

As you can see, these are real thick and glossy, and so damn nice. It’s funny how they can look like your normal legs from afar but the closer you go, you realise how they hide it so well.

I seriously love them!

So the quality of them are amazing; not one snag or rip or tear in them which I really do like. Even then, it would be quite hard to rip these as they are proper elasticated.

The fit and feel are just divine; no issues here at all. They cover the legs nicely, hug them in all the right places so there is no gapping, a lovely satin feel to them and they just work! I cannot explain to you right now how stunning these really are!!!

Can I just let the images below do the talking for me here?


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes you can see that they are fully covered so the nails don’t really peer through unless you’re wearing a dark colour.

These do have some extra material on the sides, but that slowly works its way in the longer you are in them. I didn’t find it much of an issues.

These are also reinforced; there is a faint strip going across the toes, so you’re extra covered here!

Around the ankles, do expect some wrinkles and creasing, as these are thick they can’t really help it. My boots covered them mainly which was ok, but in sandals and other heels, this would show.


The Waistband & Gusset: once again no complaints at all. They sit so well around the waist, they hug real good and stay up so well throughout the day (and night too!)



My Thoughts?

I have nothing bad to say at all. What I will say is that you defo need to invest in a pair of these as they are just amazing and so worth it! One of the cheapest, but they are really worth the money.

4 thoughts on “Yuelie High Gloss Tights

  1. Great review these tights are astounding makes your legs look fantastic. Wish I could get a pair for myself to wear but seller doesn’t ship to the US second O/S only fits to 125 pounds wat to small for me if went to 165 to 175 now that would fit.

  2. Theese boots are so stunning! They really give a look like wearing classic high heels shoes with the addition of overknee stockings. Very sexy addon to your pretty legs, bravo, Miss!