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YE Women Slip-On Stiletto Patent Leather Court Shoes

Now I’m gonna go back to how I was before and do me a shoe review seeing as it has been so long!

A follower gifted these and they are so gorgeous, they deserve to be on the  blog!

!!This is a forewarning that I went kodak happy!!


The Shoes

Colour: Red

Size: UK 6 =China Size 40 =Foot Length 25 cm

Inner Material: Manmade

Sole: Gum Rubber

Closure: Slip-On

Purchased: Amazon >

Heel Height: 12cm

Outer Material: Patent Leather

Price: £26.00


The Review

Boxed up: like a dooshe I got rid of the box it came in, but I’m telling you it was such a crap box. It was half broken and all battered up! Thank god the shoes were OK!

So these came in their own individual pouch with a scented mesh bag (which did not smell nice!) and extra heel caps woooooooop! Some companies don’t provide these so I get dead excited when other do!


Slipping into the shoes: without any fuss. Because I am in between UK 5 and 6, I always opt for a 6 which you can make smaller if you need to, but these were just perfect. These did have a tiny gap at the back but nothing too noticeable!

The shading: is just gorgeous. I love the colour of these and still can’t quite decide if it’s a burnt red or a crimson!


Anyways I did a little test to show you the difference in lighting (the left is without flash and the right is with):


The heel height: is just perfect. You are on the balls of your feet like you’re tip toeing but if you’re used to height, this is just fab! It’s such a thin pencil heel which adds to the shoes. Without that, I think the shoes would be nothing!


The court top: is  dead on slick point. The toes sit comfy in these – I normally find they pinch my toes and kill after a few hours wear, but these don’t squish your toes at all!


The patent: is so shiny and so silky to touch. Bear in mind you will need to be super careful not to scratch these as it would be the most painful experience ever (near enough like a heart attack!)


Overall Thoughts?

All I want to say – Please go and buy a pair!

One thought on “YE Women Slip-On Stiletto Patent Leather Court Shoes

  1. The color and patent leather together looked fantastic on you! Can’t go wrong with classic pumps!
    You mentioned opting for a bigger size and size down if needed. Is there a trick to it without having the gap at the heel?