Women’s Wardrobe Opaque Tights

You must all think I’m mad doing a pair of opaques in this gorgeous weather! Well this pair has been sitting quietly in my ‘To Review Collection’ and I felt so bad that I hadn’t got round to doing them.

So I thought before we get into the full summer heat, let me get them on now to review and show you what 100 denier white opaques are like!

The Spec

Colour: White

Size: Small

Denier: 100

Materials: Unknown

Price: £1.99

Website: Amazon – 100 Denier Thick Opaque Tights by Women’s Wardrobe Amazing Quality

My Outfit

Now this has a very retro feel I know – I thought it worked well together and created such a cute look. I wore my sequin polka dot dress paired with my opaques and added my platform heels to finish off the look. I was going for a smaller heel this time, but realised I looked way short if I did that!

My Deets

Dress: Lipsy

Tights: Women’s Wardrobe

Shoes: New Look



The Review

From The Website: When it comes to comfort throughout the year, a pair of 100 denier, extra thick tights are a wardrobe must have. Our 100 denier range is our thickest range and provide that opaque look you may need during the winter months. These soft, microfibre, high quality tights are perfect for all purposes and occasions and we promise they will not disappoint.

Women’s Thick Opaque 100 Denier Tights by Women’s Wardrobe
Extra thick tights providing Comfortable and Softness, perfect for work and leisure purposes
Machine Washable
Foot in tights, providing both structure and comfort
Excellent customer service with 24 hour support
Perfect for all occasions – Work / Casual Wear


The Packaging: I actually giggled at this. There is hardly anything to it to be honest, as these have come from China I believe. All it states is the denier, colour and size on that small tab…

The rest is for you to discover…


Getting Them On: now these are pretty thick but real nice actually; the way these feel are gorgeous compared to some 100 deniers I have tried in the past.

I took my time rolling them over the ankles and up the legs, and they went on perfectly fine 🙂


On The Legs: well as you can see, this is a nice block white for a change! I have done sheers previously and thought they were ok, but WHOA with that thick coverage!

The quality of these are amazing; I loved the way they felt and they didn’t cause me any issues whatsoever either during the day. There is a nice bit of stretch to them as well which I liked as it gave this lovely hugging fit.

The denier being 100 I know is a little too much for this type of weather, but to be honest I didn’t feel hot in them when I was out and about. If you are the type of person who’s a human radiator, I wouldn’t recommend these but as I am usually quite cold, I thought these were perfect and actually worked for me. These aren’t thermal in any way either, so you can just enjoy being in them without having to worry about overheating 🙂

The fit of them are great for my leg length and size; but just know that there is some stretch in there for a slim medium individual. The feel of them I cannot get over; they are so smooth and feel so gorgeous. I am still shocked at how nice they are!



The Toes & Ankle: now the toes became an issue for me as you can see in the top left image; with all that extra material it decided to create necessary wrinkles right at the front which bugged me so bad!

You cant complain there isn’t enough wiggle room in these with the amount of extra material you have at the sides of the toes here! Not that it was needed, but then again we are working with a thicker denier so this is expected to be honest.

Around the ankles, they have a semi smooth finish depending on how your ankles are positioned. When I’m walking, these tend to wrinkle up, otherwise they stay quite smooth against the skin.


The Waistband: the band is just great. It sits around the belly button on me, and what you see below is how it’s been all day. It has plenty of elasticity in them to keep it hugging throughout the day, and they don’t squeeze you tight either which I like compared to other thicker deniers.

These do have a small palm-sized gusset on them, which I forgot to take a picture of!




My Thoughts?

For what you pay, these are absolutely worth it. I really do think they are a great pair and I am glad I tried them out. I was hesitant, but now I think they’re awesome. The quality of these are brilliant, and they fit so well too let alone that thick block colour on the legs!

These sure are a winner!

One thought on “Women’s Wardrobe Opaque Tights

  1. Great review they look great on your legs. Noticed there is a great choice of colors also do like that these at the price I would get 5 colors of to wear love them.