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Wolford Velvet Light 40D Stay Ups

Well hello Wolford! I am super excited to try this pair out as they were kindly gifted a while back, and I was waiting for the right weather to bring these out! I am creating another fun office look – because why not!

The Spec

Colour: Nearly Black

Size: X-Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane

Price: £34.99

Website: Amazon – Wolford Women’s Velvet Light Stay-up, 40 Den

My Outfit

It’s been a while since this shirt came out to play, and today I wanted to play with a bit of colour. I wore my teal-like shirt paired with my fringe skirt and I added nude heels to finish the look. You can always swap to black heels, or another colour but for some reason, this just made sense to me.

My Deets

Cami Top: New Look

Shirt: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Holdups: Wolford

Heels: Onlymaker

The Review

From The Website: Velvet light stay ups from Wolford have a 40 denier semi-opaque design. These luxury hold ups are perfect for everyday wear, they can be hidden under clothes for a basic semi-sheer tights appearance. Featuring high quality yarns with a velvety soft touch that reaches from the toe up to the top of the leg for a comfortable wear. Finished with a delicate floral lace top for a romantic touch. These everyday essential stay ups have a secure fit and durable weave. 84% Nylon, 16% Elastane

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll, leaving the silicone bands exposed whilst I rolled them up the legs. They were a lovely glide up once I had carefully placed them over my anklets.

On The Legs: I have to start off with the colour! This is supposed to be barely black, however I see it as a brown-ish shade instead. I thought they would shade lighter (well they are 40 denier so they won’t really) but actually I got a different colour on the legs instead. I don’t mind as it makes a nice change, however it didn’t pair up as well as I thought it would with my outfit.

The quality of these are lovely; they are so smooth on the legs and they stretch very well. I did test this out as I stretched them up a lot to make them sit higher, which you can tell when looking close up at the material. You can see where it has been stretched out. It isn’t hugely noticeable – but my point here is that I did it and kept them like this all day and not once did I end up with any damage to the holdups.
On the other hand, right at the end of the day I ended up snagging them on the thigh minutes before I was about to take them off!

The fit is spot on for my leg length and size, if I wanted to sit them mid thigh. I would need to go one size up so I can sit these higher up the thighs without having to really stretch them out. This also makes them look sheerer than what they are when they have been stretched out a lot. These holdups did hug my legs well, and there was no gapping either.

The feel of these are incredible; they literally feel velvety soft on the legs (both inside and out) and they are super smooth to touch. They don’t irritate the legs in any way and they’re super comfortable during the day. I could have spend at least 14 hours wearing these with no issues.

The Toes & Ankle: these don’t come with a reinforced toe, which is a shame so you will need to be careful with long/sharp nails.

Around the toes, I had plenty of wiggle room and I did not feel ay pressure put onto them during the day.

Around the feet and ankles, as you can see below, I have a smooth finish with no wrinkles.

The Bands: I had to snap away here as these bands are incredible. I love that scalloping detail at the top, which makes them super unique. These have 3 silicone bands holding them up in place, so you know these won’t move or pull away easily during your wear.

As I mentioned before, I really stretched mine out to sit at the top of my thighs instead of mid-thigh and they held up amazingly well without wanting to peel down.

I also had plenty of stretch in these to fit my thighs well without any skin overhanging.

My Thoughts?

I think these are such a great pair of holdups, and feel incredible. I wasn’t a huge fan of the colour, however no biggie there. I did love the fit and that gorgeous lace band! I would happily recommend!

3 thoughts on “Wolford Velvet Light 40D Stay Ups

  1. The drawing and design of the lace is a killer … Too bad you’re not a fan of color … But let’s stay objective, well if we can …
    The velvet effect on your legs is stunning!
    An excellent choice … 😉

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