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Wolford Variete Tights

Sliding back into another Wolford pair that were gifted by a friend a while back. I know it isn’t nude season yet, but then again when have you known me to follow trends and all that kerfuffle? Nothing should stop you from wearing what you want, when you want 😉

And good news – I managed to find a link where you can purchase a pair from!

And yep this is another pair that is in the size medium, so let’s see how we get on!

The Spec

Colour: Sahara / Black 

Size: Medium

Denier: 20

Materials: 79% polyamide, 12% elastane, 9% polyester

Price: £26.99

Website: Beauty Fresh – Wolford Variete Tights Sahara / Black

My Outfit

I decided to go quite light with my outfit today. I paired up my jumper dress with contrast court shoes.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Tights: Wolford

Heels: Carvela



The Review

From The Website: Variete by name and most certainly variety by nature, Wolford have transformed the humble 20 denier tights into a super elegant pair of sheers. Brimming with feminine charm and that infectious Fifties feel, it seems the beloved brand have taken everything we love in the hosiery world and created the pretty tights.

Polka dots, fishnet, backseams and a mock hold up, these tights have it all. Beginning at the toe, a small dotted design travels along your legs, finishing mid-thigh where it is met by a printed row of decorative bows. Providing the allure, you’ll find a backseam that begins at the bows and runs down the back of your legs. To top it off, Wolford have included an oh so subtle fishnet design on the mock hold ups, playing up to the fine net appearance of the tights.

With the flat 2.5cm waistband and gusset, the luxurious brand can do no wrong. Style your Variete tights with a hemline that will frame the mock hold up, making sure to let the tights do the talking with a plain patterned dress. Finish with a coat of red lipstick for the ultimate chic.


The Packaging: is pretty nice. The model wears them on the front showing off the back design, and the back goes into detail about the pair.

When you get inside, you will find the COQ on one side, and the other will have the tights folded around promotional card.

These come folded so you have the foot and leg shaping to them.


Getting Them On: once again, as we are wearing a medium sized pair, I didn’t have to tug these up the legs at all. In fact, just rolling them on and setting them took me 5 minutes and I was out the door!



On The Legs: well these are looking divine! I love how much is going on with these, yet they works so well together. You have the fishnet base which is from toes to the top of the bow band, with polka dots placed on them. Then you have the backseam with them ends at the bow band, and then it becomes completely plain and sheer from the band to the waistband. I love it all and think it looks incredible!

The quality of them are amazing; once again I had no issues. Even if I did manage to snag these, they would just blend into the tights, as it matches my skin tone really well. However I can’t say the same about rips unfortunately!

The fit of them are a little big, but I still had some good stretch in them so they did cling on as best as they could. I gotta say I didn’t have many wrinkles this time around the knee and ankles, which is surprising.

The feel of them are amazing; they are soft and so smooth. The parts that are raised are from the toes to the band, but it’s not as bad as you might think. It’s pretty subtle, but it helps the design to really stand out instead of blend in.

One thing I do like about these is that the backseam hardly moves once it’s set in place. I thought it would wiggle around a lot considering these are a size bigger, but they hardly did!


The Toes & Ankle: as you can see, the design works right from the toe seam up to the bow band. There is plenty of wiggle room and a lovely fit around the toes. There is no extra material hanging around and no pressure is added around here either during the day.

Around the feet and ankles, I didn’t experience wrinkling like I did in my last pair, which is great! Even so, if I did, it wouldn’t be that noticeable.



The Waistband & Gusset: another great band with no Wolford logo on them. These sit a little higher as you can see, but they are amazing around the waist. They stay put all day don’t turn on themselves and have such an amazing fit.

The gusset as you can see is blended in with the tights, and is roughly a palm-sized piece which sits flush against the skin.



My Thoughts?

I think this pair is stunning, and I loved being in them. They are such a statement pair, which can be paired up with so many different outfits instead of just for work. I loved the quality of them too (as usual) and I would certainly recommend them!

One thought on “Wolford Variete Tights

  1. Just saw that the style dates back to 2012. I would give it a good wash before trying them on since they have been left in the package/shelves for such a loooooong time.