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Wolford Twenties Tights

Wolford it has been a long time… and I am so glad that I got to wear you in a micronet form this time! Normally it’s been patterned or sheers, but I saw these on eBay for £2.00 unopened and I just had to get them.

The best part is that they’re a Crimson Night colour, which makes it different from the other net colours out there!


My Outfit 

So I was a bit daring at work with my short skirt, but I just had to wear it to show these off! They’re just so gorgeous!

I paired it up with a similar colour crochet jumper and finished off with my stone coloured boots (not in the pictures) to make it slightly more casual. I wanted to wear a white jumper and do grey/khaki boots but I wasn’t too sure and didn’t have enough time to experiment in the morning!

My Deets:
Jumper: Vero Moda

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Via eBay


The Review 

So as you all know that Wolford packaging is very simple but effective at the same time. I have to say that this model gave it a retro feel (not like the current models on the packaging) and then to just confirm that, it states at the back:

Tights with a fine fishnet texture in the style of the 1920s. Extremely elegant, very fine appearance. Sewn-in gusset. Sew-on waistband with Wolford logo

“Even though fishnets and whalenets are in trend right now, don’t say no to micronets as they are just as effective for those who aren’t comfortable enough or don’t like the look or style of fishnets.” 

Inside the packaging, you will find a stunning red pair of micronets which are a third size of my leg! They are so small you would think that they would be for kids, but that’s where I smile and just think ‘Oh yes!!!!’ it means that the fit will be amazing and it’s more about snug on the legs. Whether you have thin or thick legs, it doesn’t matter with these as they will just shape to them. I love hosiery that does this – they have an unbelievable stretch to them!



So getting them on is easy compared to bigger nets – your toes don’t get stuck half way and pull them! The best part of this is that there is no specific toes area. Don’t get me wrong you have the stitching at the toes, but these don’t have a solid denier patch around the toes but keep it micronet from the band all the way down to the toe seam! I am jumping for joy here as you don’t need to limit yourself to just peep toes, but open toe sandals as well! I’m hesitant to wear fishnets where it’s more closed at the toes and opens up, but this is just perfect!



The waistband is super great on these as well – they hold up and stay in place all day without budging. It’s a nice and thick band with that signature finishing Wolford touch 😉


One thing I love about micronets is the way they make your legs look – they just totally emphasise them, especially when worn with something that flaunts them (like skater, flowy, skirts!)


Overall Thoughts? 

Total winner in my eyes. The colour is to die for and can be worn with almost anything to make those legs stand out! The quality is always great with Wolford and I have no complaints whatsoever!


3 thoughts on “Wolford Twenties Tights

  1. There’s something very `Amsterdam` about them… and its not often I get a birds eye view of a gusset like that 🙂
    I like them. Very much.