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Wolford Sousan

Well I’m now back at work after having a lovely (but busy) Monday off, I thought the best way to start my day off was in a pair of Wolfords – just to add that little spring in my step.

As soon as I saw these on eBay I fell in love with them – I haven’t seen a design like this before (seen similar but nothing like this) and I had to get them. They were on for half the price as well as the packaging was damaged so they couldn’t sell for any higher.

So I scooped that baby right up!

A lot of people stay away from such bold designs and out-there statement pieces however I do my best to get them out there to show others that they’re actually easy to wear and you have nothing to be afraid of.

Most of you know (but for those who don’t) I started off with plain 100-150 denier tights and then worked my way towards the patterned and bold designs before I even touched lighter sheers…

I embraced their uniqueness with every outfit I paired them with because I found them to be so much more playful than plain sheers

So let me give you all the lowdown of Miss Sousan:

  • You can’t ever fault the packaging on Wolfords, however as I mentioned before the only reason I got them cheap was the fact that the packaging was damaged and it was slightly torn in one corner. When it comes to Wolfords, if the tights are still mint and no snags, then I will happily have them!
  • I love the fact that they are half your leg size (I’m XS in Wolfords) – you know these are going to be stretchy as hell and they sure are. They fit your leg so nicely and the pattern still stays even when stretched.
  • The waistband on these are a dream – they hold up so well and stay put too. I’ve done some serious missions this morning in them and they haven’t fallen down or anything yet!
  • You don’t really need to worry about anklets with these – they will just poke through like shown in the pics below.
  • They do have the reinforced toes on these – the design isn’t on them but I suppose it has to start from somewhere hey.
  • I doubt they will be easy to snag – I haven’t got it caught it yet but fingers crossed it stays that way!

I would have to say you do need to be careful in these – as they are very thick and all, they can catch very easily especially where the big holes are. I nearly caught mine a few times in a zipper.


Teaming Up:

One word of advice – don’t be afraid to make your legs stand out. If you’re afraid start off with not such a bold pair and work your way up the chain. I would recommend Emilio Cavallini as they have subtle yet bold designs that you can play with.

I went with a smart casual vibe today. I was going to wear my blue booties but I went with my stone ones instead as I wanted height.

You can easily pair these up with a black dress and peep toes for a night out or go for a mini skirt and a nice cami top with either converses or Timberlands for a casual vibe.

You can dress these either way depending on where you are heading off to – I would say more casual than smart just because you can make it so much more playful than you can with smart.


My Deets:

Blue Tunic top – New Look

3D Floral Skirt – Miss Selfridge

Tights – Wolford via eBay

Stone Wedge Boots – New Look


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