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Wolford Sheer 15 Tights

The sheers are popping up once again – I can’t get enough of them now that the days are brightening up and the sun is gleaming! It just means legs are gonna be the focal point *wink*

I know a lot of people tend to go bare legged when the weather warms up, but I find that the right pair of tights can still make your legs look great (and toned) rather than bare skin! I don’t mind it now and again, but I prefer hosiery covered legs as they have more s*x appeal!

Now I got these beauties off eBay (once again) as someone was selling them for dirt cheap and it was wrong not to buy it off them!


My Outfit

So I went pretty professional today with a navy shirt along with a high-waisted bodycon skirt in grey. I then wore my T-bar shoes to finalise the look and voila; I think that’s professional enough for an office job!

Just for a bit of playfulness – I added a leather choker into the mix and kept my hair straight to give it that extra power behind it rather than making it flirty with curly hair.

My Deets:
Shirt: Oasis

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Principles from Debenhams

Choker: Claire’s Accessories


The Review

Once again not going into too much detail about the packaging with Wolford as it’s normally just the same – model wearing the tights along with a small blurb in various languages at the back:

Summer transparency with an almost matt look. The tights for every day and every occasion.”

Getting them on is so easy to do; they are folded horizontally so it has the leg outline which will help you get them on perfectly. I use the crease to help me with this if I am in a rush (which I was that morning to be fair!)


The toes have plenty of room to begin with, however I was wearing pointed shoes so they did feel cramped later during the day, so I would advise to keep wiggling as and when you can just to give the toes some room and breathing space. I hate when they’re crowded and the tights are squishing them together – it makes it more painful than it needs to be!


Around the ankles, under the knees and around the curves, the hosiery just clings on perfectly. They’re so well fitted on the legs and don’t budge at all. There did come a point where I was rolling all over the bed for the perfect shot and not once did it move away from my legs. I do own a few pairs that end up doing that which is just annoying!


The sheer is just gorgeous – it’s a lovely matte finish and works so well when you want to dull the legs down and make it more about the outfit itself. I love shiny sheers and those that makes the legs the focal point, but it’s still nice to vice versa it and make it more about what you wear and how you’re wearing it with the tights being the complimentary point.


The waistband I never have any complaints with when it comes to Wolford – one of the snuggest and firm holding bands ever. Even after a few wears, they don’t lose their elasticity! The best part is that little Wolford finish they add onto all their hosiery.


The feel is really nice too – I missed this out before. It’s a lovely smooth finish and pretty hard to snag (to begin with) – I managed to snag them at the end of the day against a cardboard box! But even so, they lasted so well with a lot of near misses! It’s that pair which makes your legs glide off one another, and I love that in a pair of hosiery!


Overall Thoughts?

Yes yes yes! This is a staple which I would recommend for your collection. It is one of those that will never ever go out of fashion and will last you a long time (if cared for correctly).

I have a lot of 15 deniers in my collection, but having a Wolford brand part of that is just a dream! They’re amazing quality, long-lasting (I can vouch for this) and they’re just perfect and make my legs look like a dream with that matte finish!


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