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Wolford Pyramid Tights

I so love the new Wolford A/W17 collection right now! They have got many funky styles that are right up my street, and it’s been a while since I’ve done statement legs! I know a lot of followers will say that they are dear (and don’t get me wrong I do know they can be) but they are so worth it. I go for them only because you won’t find anything similar in a cheaper brand, and you can’t beat the quality either.

See it like an investment…

The Spec

Colour: Black/Black

Size: Small

Materials: 63% polyester, 32% Nylon, 5% Elastane

Price: £34.99

Website: UKTights – Wolford Pyramid Tights


My Outfit

Now these were going to be my statement tights today; forget about the blending in malarkey! I opted for my oversized boxed jumper along with my ribbed bodycon skirt and I just added my black boots to finish it off.

I could have easily done court shoes to make it more office-like, but I chose to keep it simpler and let the legs do the talking.

My Deets

Jumper: Zara

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Wolford

Boots: Forever21


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The Review

From The Website: To capture a person’s imagination and hold their attention with a simple fashion design is no small thing, but it seems that Wolford never fail to do so. This pattern is so very precise and poised that it is an optical illusion by itself, but with the sharpness of the pattern there comes the softness of the wavy black panels too. This throws you a little at first, but makes the pattern even more mesmerizing. If you want something astoundingly eye catching, original and beautiful (and why wouldn’t you?) then look no further than Pyramid by Wolford.

For Wolford bodywear visit www.uklingerie.com

* 40 denier/20 denier panel

* Alternating opaque and sheer

* Pyramid pattern

* Comfortable soft knit waistband

* Matt look

* 63% Polyester

* 32% Nylon

* 5% Elastane


The Packaging: so like all Wolford, it’s just really neat. The model at the front, the info at the back along with the sizing guide and the lovely wrapped pair inside waiting for you!

The info at the back:

“Lovely lines: The special feature of these tights is their alternating opaque and sheer sections. A pyramid pattern winds its way along the front of the leg whilst the rest of the tights are opaque. The comfortably soft knitted waistband ensures a perfect fit. Matt look.”

One thing I did notice was that these don’t have the quality assurance little sticker inside. Normally Wolford do that, but this pair doesn’t – not too sure why!



The Toes: they’re just gorgeous! The design starts right from the seam and works it’s way all the way up to the band. I doubt these are reinforced, so you may want to trim those nails before you get these babies on. The last thing you need is a massive rip!



The Waistband: excuse the fluff; this came from rolling around on the bed for the perfect picture! The band is slim; no ‘Wolford’ branding on it which is a little weird (but hey!) and it’s comfortable. It doesn’t dig in and it stays up really well no matter how many times you tug and pull! It’s a comfort one that shapes to you rather than giving you that little muffin top (I do get that sometimes with some bands!)



The Look & Feel: I got to say they catch a hell of a lot of fluff which is pretty annoying! I have to keep dusting myself off to make it look like an expensive pair of tights (which they are!) – but the fluff is just winding me up now!

Anyways I love the design on these; they give that optical illusion on the legs which I think works quite nicely to make them look slightly slimmer. I was being the perfectionist and trying to line up the block and patterned parts the same on each leg, until I gave up and just rolled with it. But honestly, it looks so much better doing its own thing rather than the whole symmetrical blah!

Now it does say that these are 40 denier on the opaques but just note that they’re more on the sheer side than the block side. You will see what I mean in the second pic below:



Under Bodycon Skirts: as these are a matt pair, they don’t make the skirt move. What I mean by this, is sometimes skirts swish past the legs when it’s a silky finish, but with matt it’s like the dress or skirt just clings on to dear life! So it’s perfect for miniskirts or dresses that normally ride up! You certainly won’t have an issue with this pair. I have to admit I did find it a bit weird because I could feel that my skirt wanted to ride up (this one normally does) and so it tugs on the hosiery a little, but see that as a good thing because you know your clothing won’t be going anywhere!



My Thoughts?

I really love the look of these; totally different, really unique and the pattern is just mesmerising. The only downside is how it becomes a fluff-catcher all of a sudden. I spent the day with hardly anything on my legs, and get home to find I’m covered in it which just ruins the look of them.

I really like the 20/40 contrast which works so well, and actually perfect for A/W coming up; opaques are cool but if you got a funky pattern, they’re even better!


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