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Wolford Pure 50

So I have some serious catching up to do with my blogs seeing as I spent most of the weekend sorting out wedding stuff. Now that the big day is getting closer, it means more hands on deck and less time for a social life!

Anyways so back to the review – thank you to the follower who gifted me these. They are so gorgeous and one of the softest pair I have in my collection. I know I say that about most of my tights, but these are a luxurious pair!


My Outfit

Well I did go a tad bit dark with this outfit – not intentional but it was better than pairing with a white shirt I wasn’t too keen on. I was going to go with a silk shirt however the weather was something else, so a cami top just had to do to keep me cool!

I decided to make my skirt the statement piece and damn right it was! Everyone at work kept saying how lovely it looked. It only comes out a certain time in the year, and usually it’s when the sun is out or if we’re heading into Autumn.

The shoes I had to go with courts just to add that touch of formal to the outfit and they worked so well. I love patent shoes with sheer tights – they just tend to set it off so nicely!

My Deets:

Cami Top – New Look

Skirt – FireTrap

Tights – Via Amazon

Shoes – Jeff Bains


The Review

I won’t say much about the packaging as Wolford always do that so well. If you’re new to the blog, then I would recommend checking out my previous blogs on Wolfords.

When they’re out the pack, instant thought ‘They are damn soft’!! Really smooth and a touch of velvet to them.

They’re seamless and have a thick band at the top once again to keep them in place. Very easy to roll up the leg too without getting caught by the anklets. I was worried that they might catch but the denier is thick enough to go over without catching, so it’s all GOOD!

Once they’re on, they give such a gorgeous shape to the legs instantly. Normally I would buy shapers to give that effect, but the tights did this alone. Although I do have to say getting thicker good quality tights do give this illusion and emphasise them so beautifully.

Now it doesn’t state about reinforced toes or anything, but I did put it to the test though. Even though I have cut my nails, I didn’t smooth the top of them so some corners were quite sharp still and I kept having to change from shoes to trainers most of the day and when I was in my shoes, the amount of rushing around I had to do my feet were slipping and sliding an awful lot. By the end of it, they were still intact – no signs of any damage whatsoever surprisingly. In addition to this, as the denier is thicker, it would reduce the risk of getting toe holes.


Now the only point I have to make is that they can easily snag – I lasted all day and when I got home I clearly had caught it and made the slightest hole on my thigh. I wanted to flipping cry!!!!!!!


So would I recommend? Yep for sure. If you’re the type who likes thicker deniers and not bare so much leg, then I would certainly recommend these. They worked a treat with my legs, especially now that they’ve gone slightly hairy and my laser is due next week so I have to cover up this week as much as poss!


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