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Wolford Perfectly 30 Tights

I’m having another Wolford day today – just because I can! Although the weather is not on my side this morning.

I got these a little while back and was waiting for the right moment to pull them out, and today was the day! I went a little dark with this outfit – and I am glad I did as the weather is horrendous!

So in my review today, I won’t mention about the packaging as it was exactly the same as yesterday’s with the Luxe 9 Toeless tights:

  • They are so easily to get on – although I had to scrunch and roll just to avoid getting them snagged on my anklets – and they have a lovely feel to them too. Really luxurious I must say (I just keep stroking them!)
  • I love the fact that they come shaped to your legs before you even get them on.
  • They are a 30 denier sheer but they don’t look as dark as I thought they would > BONUS! I suppose they would look lighter if you went for your exact size. My size in these are normally ‘XS’ however I went with ‘S’ on these just in case, so I presume that they would be a little lighter otherwise.
  • They have reinforced toes on them and a good waistband to keep them up as well. This is always a must for me, especially with the type of job that I do as I’m always running around.
  • They do make your legs look slightly slimmer I must say – mine are a little podgy on the calves, however in these it hides them a little and makes them look really nice! (WINK WINK)

I do have to say that they can catch little bits of dust or fabric due to the material of them, so you may need to keep dusting yourself off now and again.

The one bad thing I have to say is that they snag super easily – I had just finished rolling them up and then ended up with 3 at the top if the leg and one on my knee! Was not impressed as I spent a good amount on getting these!


Teaming Up:

I don’t think I even need to write anything under this bit as being plain sheers, they will do with anything and everything and under clothes too. Let them run wild along with your imagination 🙂


My Deets:

Earrings – Avon

Black Turtle-Neck Dress – Miss Selfridge

Tights – via eBay

Booties – Forever 21


3 thoughts on “Wolford Perfectly 30 Tights

  1. Your fast becoming a wolford girl.
    Shame these are snaggers though, it’s so damn annoying on a new pair (especially expensive ones)

    Can’t beat the feel of wolfords
    Love the dress

  2. These look really good on yiueven 30 denier look sheer ive noticed u wear alot of ankle boots i would like to c how these tights look with court shoes

  3. I remember wearing them some years ago… I liked the look and feel on my legs… and they do the same magic on yours, as I can see 🙂