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Wolford Niki Tights

Back into Wolford we go again babes… This time in a pair of mock holdups it seems when you see it from far! I am so happy that I finally get to review patterned and printed hosiery once again for the blog – it has been too long!

I got these beauts at a bargain price of £5.00 off eBay, but as they’re no longer available I found you the next best link where you can purchase.

The Spec

Colour: Black/Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20


Price: £31.00

Website: Orchid Lingerie – Wolford Niki Tights

My Outfit

I was pretty cold today, so I wore my oversized jumper, paired with a triple belt waistbelt and added my faded court shoes to finish off the look for work.

My Deets

Jumper: Boo Hoo

Belt: H&M

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: EKS



The Review

From The Website: Fashion tights

A classic mini-chequerboard pattern adorns these tights and the charming interplay of transparent and opaque sections is bound to draw attention to your legs. The pattern finishes at stay-up height with an enticing ribbon. An exciting addition to short, fashionable outfits.

◾ Transparent panty section
◾ Comfortable and soft knitted waistband



The Packaging: the front of the packaging shows the model wearing them in black and gobi; these colours is what makes it look like holdups rather than a pair of tights. I have these in black-black so it won’t really have the same effect.

The back of the packaging goes into further detail about the hosiery. Once you get in, you will find these horizontally folded wrapped around promo card. Oh and you should also find a certificate of quality on the inside to show it’s been checked 🙂

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Getting Them On: so just for info, these do have a label in at the back, so it guides you as to which way you need to get them on. I took my time getting these on the feet and over my anklets, just so I don’t start making my own snags in the tights.

I didn’t wear hosiery gloves this time so I had to be extra careful.


On The Legs: oh these are so playful! I really love the way these look on the legs!

The denier being 20 and then with a 30-40 denier chequered pattern really does look the business! It’s proper hypnotising right?!

The quality of these I cannot complain (well I can’t with Wolford to be honest) – they are to die for and really do look after your legs! No snags, rips or pulls were found after a day’s wear which I was mega pleased about!

The fit of these are ok; I am usually a XS in Wolford, and this time I opted for Small, and I could tell a slight difference. They certainly had more leg room in them (still hugging the legs throughout the day) but I found these had more stretch so I didn’t have to pull up so much on the legs.

The feel of them are so funky; they are soft but the squares are raised on the tights, so expect some marks left on the skin after a day’s wear.

As you can tell below, these are a matte finish (for those who don’t know it means there is no shine on the hosiery) which makes the design stand out even better against the base. I love the way these look; I wish I got them in gobi-black so they could really look like holdups on the legs.


The Toes & Ankle: the toes aren’t reinforced, which does suck, but it means that you can wear these with peep toe or open toe sandals/heels which is a bonus I suppose. These have plenty of wiggle room, as there is enough material around the toes.

The ankle has a lovely flush finish against the skin, I half expected a wrinkle or two here due to the bigger size, but there was nothing!


The Waistband: is decent on these. They sit around belly button level on me, and stays put throughout the whole day. It still has great elasticity in them after pulling them down and up multiple times.

I find this size band is quite a nice size; it doesn’t dig in as much as you would think and it sits flush against the skin which I like. Plus it’s less likely to roll over itself.



My Thoughts?

Once again I am so glad I found this little purchase for cheap. It was one of the best buys so far!

I love everything about it; from the quality down to the design and I am certainly going to recommend these if you’re into playful fun hosiery like I am!

5 thoughts on “Wolford Niki Tights

  1. Merry Christmas Soni now these tights look absolutely stunning love your review. These tights for the fashionable look yet stylish I love them. These here will have to put on my wish list love the mock holdup look have a few myself like Pretty Polly , Fiore brands and one other and they look great on.

  2. Your a Goddess in these tights,awesome review today Soni!
    Thank you very much and have a nice weekend!

    Greetz Andre😘