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Wolford Miss W 40 Light Support Tights

It’s a bit of a grim day today, but hey hosiery always makes things better!

So another little gift from a follower here! This is the second time I have been in them; the first time I forgot to take my photos for the blog so I had to get back in them when I had the chance to make sure I get the shots in!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Medium

Denier: 40

Materials: 83% Polyamide, 17% Elastane

Price: £16.99

Website: eBay – New Wolford Tights Miss W Light Support Size M in Black


My Outfit

It’s been ages since I’ve pulled this dress out, as I wasn’t feeling too dressy today, so I thought I would keep it casual. I just added small black rose studs and at work I was in flats (I had so much running around to do) but I switched to heels to show you what it’s like with the outfit!

My Deets

Dress: independent retailer

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: Simmi shoes



The Review

The Packaging: just like the normal Wolford packaging at the front, except it has a cut-out peep through on the models legs which I found unusual. Normally they never have this (and only at the top). The back goes into more detail about the hosiery:

With light support. Vitality and energy all day long.

Getting inside, these don’t have the quality assurance sticker on them, and the cardboard is a plain one rather than the promotional one they normally insert.


When I unfolded them out, I was pretty surprised seeing that not only do they have reinforced toes, but heels too! I so love it when they do that, as it just adds that touch of vintage class without even trying! Not many people are a fan, but this is something that I secretly love!

Whilst I was admiring, I found that these already had a few snags on them before I even got them on! I actually did not even know how that happened as I’m normally so gentle taking them out and photographing them, but I was so baffled! Not a great start but we shall carry on!



Getting Them On: always use the scrunch and roll, especially over anklets. Mine didn’t catch (for those who always wonder) and they literally glide up the leg! These are silky soft both inside and out, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting them on.

PhotoGrid_1508346920705.jpgAs these are a larger size than what I normally go for, I didn’t really have to pull them up much- I just lightly let it go every couple of inches on the leg and then it settled into position after. I have to admit I only did that as these are a larger size, otherwise I would have pulled up like normal and let them settle.



On The Legs: smooth! Just smooth! But not that smooth that your legs fall off one another; it’s a semi! They are a lovely mid coverage (which means it’s still slightly sheer) and they just feel so great on. I haven’t managed to snag them at all during the day, which is always a bonus in my eyes!PhotoGrid_1508347082758.jpg

I have to say it gives off a matte-finish rather than a shine, which works well on dull days. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of shine on a dark day, but these managed to make my legs look amazing without even trying!  You can always use these as a base or a top on other hosiery; I just wore mine as they were for the time being but will try it out with a pair on top!


Now I forgot that these were light support, however I can’t say that I felt that on the legs due to these being 2 sizes bigger than what I normally get. I did feel it slightly on the feet, but the rest of the leg felt like I was wearing a normal pair.



The Toes & Heels: well… what can I say? I love them! Love the toe patch across the front, and that heel patch is just so nice and subtle. It’s not a darker denier like the front, but still visible enough to stand out in a classy way! The toes have plenty of room as well, and sheer enough to wear sandals and peep toes with, without it looking trashy!



The Band: interesting comfy. I thought these might be slightly loose on me, but they are actually really snug. They don’t grip your waist to death either which I do like, so it feels like there isn’t anything there! A lot of elasticity in this as well; I gave it a good old stretch as well just to make sure!




My Thoughts?

They do their job well I gotta say. Shame about the snags to begin with, but these have lasted well for the rest of the day. Even though these are a size Medium, these are really comfortable; the waistband isn’t too tights, and they sit well on the legs. The only thing I will mention is that they don’t hug the legs as much as I thought it would (obviously due to the size difference here) as I could feel it move only slightly rather than it feeling like a second skin.

Otherwise, I can’t fault Wolford. I really do love them and they’re perfect fort those who aren’t into all the designs and statement hosiery!


2 thoughts on “Wolford Miss W 40 Light Support Tights

  1. That packaging appears to be not the standard for those tights. Wolford sometimes our seconds into alternative packaging, so the snags may be from a b-grade product.