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Wolford Micro Fish Scale Tights

I cannot tell you how exited I am to try these pair out. This is one of Wolford’s amazing pieces to date; purely because it’s eco-friendly and made of recycled nylon! I haven’t come across a brand that has done that yet!

This amazing pair was gifted by such an amazing person, who I cannot thank enough!

Before I get into the blog, a lot of you may not like my outfit pairing, so I do want to forewarn you before you read on that I was feeling a little experimental and wild today!

The Spec

Colour: Deep Ocean

Size: XS

Denier: Around 60 – 80

Materials: 83% Polyamide, 17% Elastane

Price: £39.00

Website: Wolford Shop – Micro Fish Scale Tights

My Outfit

I wore my sleeveless long waistcoat as a dress today for the sake of it and paired up good old Steve Madden! I could  have opted for black shoes or white even, but I really didn’t fancy it today and wanted to go all wild and out!

My Deets

Waistcoat: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: Steve Madden

Lippy: Bourjois Rouge 13



The Review

From The Website: Net with a clue. Doing good can look so good.

An irregular and skillful net weave made of ECONYL from Aquafil – a fiber which stems from recycled nylon. These tights are both tremendously lightweight and pleasant to wear, from the toe right up to the waistband.

No seams / More densely woven net around the toes / Matte finish / Sewn-on waistband with logo


The Packaging: now as these were ordered from the company themselves, you can see how they package their items to the recipient. This way the hosiery inside stays completely intact and not damaged in any way.

Now let me mention their packaging for this pair – it is completely different from their usual. It’s still simple and bold in its own way, but they have kept the model’s legs at the bottom right corner instead and overall, it’s quite minimal.

The back goes into a little more detail about the pair as well.

When you get in, you will always find the COQ (Certificate of Quality) along with the pair wrapped around card.


Getting Them On: let me just say how SOFT THESE ARE?!

They have got to be the softest pair of tights I own – and I ain’t even kidding!

They were stretchy and so soft like a baby’s first bear type of feel, and they glide right up the legs. They aren’t the type to catch onto anklets easily either, which is a massive bonus for me!



On The Legs: well there is so much good I can say about these, and it’s not me being biased towards Wolford either.

I have to admit it is one of the most nicest pairs I have ever worn in my life.

The fit is just perfect and you find that you still have so much stretch to them, so it won’t ever feel too tight on the legs or mark them after a day’s wear either. It fits under the knees well and around the ankles, so you needn’t worry about any gapping occurring.

The feel of them are so soft and so gorgeous, I cannot rave about them enough. I loved being in my pair, and it’s perfect for warm weather too. In winter, you can always layer up if you don’t want to be bare-legged underneath, but this is just spot on for warm weather.

The quality is just brilliant; they’re soft, they’re stretchy, they don’t rip as easily as you would think as the net is quite thick so can withstand a fair amount and they just feel amazing against the skin too. I gotta say Wolford did good with this pair!

Now as far as I know, they only do these in Deep Ocean and Black on their website (I wanted to do deep ocean as I always end up doing black nets), and I can say this is a gorgeous colour to pair up against lighter and brighter clothing. Black can work easily too and you know that will work with anything you wear!


The Toes & Ankle: Wolford mentioned that it is denser net around the toes, and I do agree it is. In fact I felt it was denser around the foot compared to the rest of the legs. This isn’t a bad thing to be honest as it helps act as reinforcement without actually having to have that toe strip going across.

There was plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move and not once did I feel they were cramped or pressure was being put on. They are super snug to be in!

Around the ankles, it’s a lovely fitted finish.


The Waistband: is sewn onto the pair as a separate piece, and it still does its job well. I never have an issue with their band to be honest. It sits around the waist and stays put all day long, holding up my tights without any issues.



My Thoughts?

One of Wolford’s best pair to date – and i highly recommend these!

9 thoughts on “Wolford Micro Fish Scale Tights

  1. Lovely review and those tights look fantastic on your fine looking legs. These tights are something I would love wearing myself. Now me I would layer these over glossy pantyhose to give a great fashion look.

      1. Do you mean a video in this outfit and heels Soni,because I can’t find it😢

  2. Hi Soni,you’re looking absolutely stunning in your outfit,specially because of these killer heels you’re wearing👌🏻
    As pearls to the eyes,seeing you walking around like this😉
    Thank you for sharing this beauty!

    Greetz Andre😘