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Wolford Marie Tights

Now these little beauties were sent by an amazing friend of mine, and I have to say when I first saw them on Instagram in white/black, I instantly fell in love with them. I thought they looked so bold and would look amazing in Spring.

However, I was sent the black pair, which is just as brilliant as this can work with me all year round!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: XS

Denier: 20

Materials: 92% polyamide, 8% elastane

Price: £39.00

Website: Wolford – Marie Tights

My Outfit

I went a little dark today with colours; I went for an maroon/burgundy crochet jumper tucked into my faux leather shorts and added some boots into the mix. You can easily swap for flats or Timberland boots, but this worked for me today.

My Deets

Jumper: Vero Moda

Shorts: H&M 

Tights: Wolford

Boots: Simmi



The Review

From The Website: Generously adorned with floral charm.
These tights, featuring a modern take on the floral design, truly impress from the waist down to the toes.

20 den / Matte look / Knitted waistband


The Packaging: now these come all fancy dance … and I mean like woah! I haven’t seen this before, and you’ll see why below. It comes in a slimline box with the model in the right bottom corner and the back goes into a little more detail.

Now to get in. there are 2 tabs at the back held by the ‘quality checked’ sticker, and when you get in, you will find these wrapped in tissue paper instead. I thought this looked amazing and real luxe.

I have never seen that before, and I am loving it!

These also have slight foot and leg shaping to them, but it isn’t that visible. You can see what I mean below.


Getting Them On: now as I don’t want to ruin these in any way, I popped on my hosiery gloves and did my scrunch and roll. I took my time doing so, especially going over my anklets. I then slowly tugged them up the legs and set them in place.



On The Legs: oh my god I am loving these so much. I love how bold that floral print is, and how it works all around the legs right up to the waistband. It’s statementy, it’s bold yet classy, it works all year round and this is certainly a pair that I will be pulling out a lot more when I get a chance to be in the same pair again.

The quality of them are amazing; Wolford is known for that and I always see why. I hardly snagged these let alone ripped them. They have a good bit of stretch to them as well so they cover all the gapping parts on the legs well.

The fit of them are true to size with a little leeway for the next size up to squeeze into. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’re a daring person then yeah go for it. I felt they hugged the legs really well and there was no issue for them being too short, too long or too tight.

The feel of them are so lovely; they are smooth, they are soft and there is no roughness to them at all. I have done some floral pairs before, where they have a rough feel to them over the legs, and I was never keen on being in them for too long as it just bothered me. This is nothing like that, and I loved being in mine all day.

The design is just beautiful; so feminine, so alluring and a real eye-catching piece when your outfit is a little plain.


The Toes & Ankle: oh now I am loving this. Not only do they have reinforced toes, but you get the contrast toes! This basically means that you get a blocked out strip going across the toes in a thicker denier and then it works into the design. I personally love this as it just adds a little more to the design itself.

I know it would look better if it was invisible/no reinforced toe so you get the design right to the toe seam to wear open toe shoes and sandals, but this is just as good to be fair.

Around the toes, there is plenty of wiggle room and no extra pressure is added here either during the day. The same goes for the feet and ankles; they fit so well and there is no sign of wrinkles either.



The Waistband & Gusset: and once again there is no Wolford branding on the band itself. I find it super weird, but I suppose this might be the way forward for them instead?

The band itself is always great, and I never encounter any issues with it. Even with this pair, they were super snug against the waist and didn’t restrict me during the day. I felt so comfortable being in them.

The design starts from under the band and works right to the reinforced toe, so you can wear anything short with this pair without having to worry about a boxer brief.

The gusset is a small cotton patch, which is palm-sized and sits flush against the skin too.



My Thoughts?

I am loving this print, and I have truly missed being in these prints. I used to be in them all the time, every single day and I ended up switching for a while. I think it’s time to bring some more prints to the blog this year! Anyways, I love this pair and would certainly recommend them!