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Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless Tights

Well well well… This is something new to my collection and I can definitely say this is the first pair of toeless tights I own!

I would like to say a big thank you to my follower who gifted me these a while back – because of the bad weather, I didn’t want to ruin these so kept them for a sunny day like today!

Anyways, it took me a while to team up a pair of tights with my outfit today. I was going to go with Emilio Cavallini nude florals however I thought that would be ‘too busy’. I then decided I wanted to wear peep toes or sandals with this outfit, so I had to make the judgement call whether to wear tights or not – not realising that I still had these Wolfords to review sitting there in my bag of goodies!

It was just perfect!


  • The packaging – you could never expect less from Wolford. They were sealed with the design at the front and then wrapped around the cardboard.
  • I have to admit they did look a little weird, as I didn’t know what to expect but they slip on so easily. I didn’t really have to scrunch and roll them up over my anklets either.
  • You don’t need to stretch them up your leg either – they just sit perfectly on you. I thought I would have to stretch them up a tad and let them fall naturally but there is no need.
  • The feel of them are so gorgeous – so silky and smooth and they are the perfect nude colour as well. I had a feeling that they might be too light or too dark on my legs, but it was just bang on so it looks like I don’t even have any on!
  • I love the waistband on Wolfords – not too tight but just right to keep them up regardless if you’re running or walking. I also like the way they have the double V on either side of them from the waistband to the gusset – not something I have seen before on them.
  • The toeless part – well that was interesting but so damn cool. They sit just right on your foot –not too far forward where you see the cut off line and not too far back where you lose it completely. It definitely worked well with my booties – you can’t even tell!


Teaming Up:

So I went all summery and floral with these just because I wanted to make the most of it while the sun was out. You can wear these with open toe shoes, sandals, court shoes, boots. It doesn’t even matter to be honest. As long as you can hide that section where it stops, then it is all good.

Dresses and shirts would totally be the ones to wear with this, and it’s like they are made for nights out too. Now most people know I am not a fan of normal tights and sandals where my toes covered in nylons are on show, but with these I have the best of both worlds. That means I can do sandals with that gorgeous dress on a night out with friends and not have to worry!


My deets for today:

T-Shirt – H&M

Floral Print Skirt – Warehouse

Tights – via Amazon

Peep Toe Booties – Simmi Shoes


10 thoughts on “Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless Tights

  1. To be honest I don’t like toeless tights… because I am a big fan of peep toes with nylon cover… I like them more than just naked toes… it’s just too…. naked! 🙂