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Wolford Love Stay-Ups

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I have a pair of these holdups. I have seen them on so many models, and I did regret not getting any sooner as they are pretty much out of stock everywhere.

Then Raspberry Heels came to my rescue and sent me a pair to blog, and I am over the moon! I finally have them in my collection, so you can imagine how desperate I was to get them on the legs on a nice sunny day to review!

The Spec

Colour: Gobi / Black

Size: Small

Denier: Around 20

Materials: 86% polyamide, 10% elastane, 4% unknown

Price: £40.42 / Sale £28.29

Website: Raspberry Heels – Wolford Love Stay-Ups

My Outfit

I decided to do it a little different – I paired my holdups with a jacket and boots instead. I wore a plain black dress underneath just in case, but my main look was exactly this. I never really do this but I loved the whole idea of wearing my jacket as a dress 🙂

My Deets

Jacket: Zara

Holdups: Wolford

Boots: JustFab



The Review

From The Website: An elegant seam runs the center of the back leg, giving them that seductive touch. The ultimate eye-catching embellishment, the cursive words “love is enough” are written along the length of the leg. Gorgeous for both day and night.

Sheer, matte Stay ups
Wide grip edge at hem for durability
Pleasantly soft knitted waist


The Packaging: well if you haven’t seen Wolford packaging before, this is pretty much what it looks like and what you get. The front shows the model wearing the hosiery (in the colour I have as well) and the back goes into more detail about the pair.

When you get in, always make sure that you see the COQ along with the control number to prove authenticity. The holdups / hosiery is always gonna be wrapped around promotional card, normally so you get the leg and foot shaping.


Getting Them On: I decided to wear it how the model did (the motif on the left leg and the plain seam on the right). You can always switch it, but I thought I would just copy this time around.

They were super easy to get on, and having a backseam which starts under the toes really does help so you can guide it from the heel all the way up. I made sure that I took my time going over the anklets and then rolling up the legs.

As these are a small, I had a little more room to play with them (normally I am XS in Wolford, but going for Small it gives me a little more stretch so I can tug them up a little more without worrying)



On The Legs: I gotta say they looked wonderful. I know these aren’t ideal for winter, but you know me… I rarely dress according to the seasons, especially when I own a pair like this!

The quality of them were great, and I had no issues being in them at all. There were no snags or rips anywhere and they had a nice amount of stretch in them as well. I loved the way they sat and just held up all day. also that shine is something that comes out when flash or a serious amount of light is on them, which another little bonus! Otherwise they have a slight matte finish to them.

The fit of them are true to size, especially as I went one size up in these. If you are unsure of your size, there is no harm in going one size up just to be sure. You just get extra stretch to them, and that can work in your favour; especially if you sit your holdups as high as I normally do. The feel of them are so soft and smooth on the legs, and this is both inside and out. These treat your legs real nice.

The design I have to say is just cute; it works with anything you want to wear. You can dress these up or down, day or night and a pair that just adds a little something more to your outfit.

It beats a standard backseam pair in my eyes


The Toes & Ankle: so the colouring here is not actually this white, but my camera was playing havoc with me and the stupid settings so I do apologise. The toes are all sheer with no reinforcement to them, so do be careful with long/sharp nails. There was plenty of room around the toes, feet and ankle so no pressure was added during my wear.

The seam starts from the toe seam (as shown in the image below) so you have that to consider in your line up making sure that it sits straight so you don’t have any wobbly seams when you’re rolling up.


The Bands: now the bands are slightly thin in length but thick so these will be staying put on you all day long. I sat mine quite high on the thighs, and they say there all day long without any issues. The silicone bands are decent and they don’t prise away from the legs at any point either.

Now what I will mention is that I wore these for 8+ hours, and I ended up with raised red markings on my legs where they sat. It was only on the right thigh, but I found them scattered around where the silicone bands were sitting. They did hurt once I rolled the silicone band down, and did go away after a while. I’m not too sure what happened there as I didn’t tug at these at all, and my legs never react to anything … So just something to note for blogging purposes.



My Thoughts?

I do love the way these look on the legs, and the colour Gobi is one of my favourites. It always adds a slight tan to the legs and works so well against the black backseam too. I love the quality of these and that motif at the back is just adorable. It’s something different and you can always switch legs as well which makes it even better!

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  1. Comme mon Anglais n’est pas le plus génial, je continuerai à faire mes commentaires en Français…
    J’adore l’effet signature de ces bas collant, la robe rouge est magnifique, elle structure élégamment cette composition.
    Toujours très judicieux tes choix et présentations Soni.
    Un petit plus pour ton blog.
    Bonne continuation


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  3. Do you know, I’ve seen some wonderful things in my time, but……

    There is just no need for words 😵😍🌋