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And what do we have here? ANOTHER COLLABORATION with The Tight Spot! I am so psyched to be working alongside another amazing company… And no I’m not just saying that! I have bought from them before via their website!

About The Tight Spot

We pride ourselves on customer service and continued product development for your enjoyment.

 TheTightSpot.com online boutique cherry picks high fashion and everyday top selling hosiery styles, which are good quality, comfortable and affordable. All our products have been reviewed personally to ensure we advise our customers in detail and specific size charts have been designed to make sure you purchase the right size.

 High street hosiery shopping can be a frustrating experience, as brands and styles are limited from store to store. Hosiery is not a product you ‘Try Before You Buy’ and the packaging can mask how the tights look when worn, but with our Zoom Feature you can really see all our styles in detail. In contrast The Tight Spot will offer an extensive range, an enjoyable shopping experience and everything will be delivered straight to your door!

 For speed and ease, styles are divided into ‘Work,’ ‘Party’ and ‘Romance’, so there is no difficulty in finding the perfect pair of tights for any occasion.

 Transform an outfit and add a little luxury to your wardrobe!” – taken from their website

So the first pair to kick start it all is the Wolford Logo as part of their new AW17 collection! Everyone knows I love Wolford; their designs are so unusual and they’re just a fab pair to go for if you’re into luxury hosiery.

If you’re wondering where these will be on The Tight Spot website – Wolford Tights

The Spec

Colour: Gobi/Black

Size: X-Small

Materials: 67% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 8% Elastane

Price: £34.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Wolford Logo Tights


My Outfit

I went for my shirt dress (there is something about this dress I really love – I don’t know what it is) along with my rounded court shoes. I left the hair down and straight to make it look more office-like.

You can always team these up with a skater skirt to emphasise the pattern or to tone it down, maybe wear a longer dress or skirt (so it’s not all leg) with no/less pattern.

My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: Wolford



The Review

From The Website: Marvellous Wolford Logo Tights have a fabulous patterned hold up appearance. The leg of these 20 denier tights has been decorated with hundreds of small W letter shapes; these provide a high fashion look that would look fantastic with heels and a skirt or dress. The conjoined letter is repeated from toe to thigh, in varying shades of black. At the thigh a gorgeous sheer plain 20 denier yarn continues to the soft knitted waistband to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable wear. 67% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 8% Elastane.

– 20 Denier

– Repeat W Pattern

– Mock Stay Up Style Tights

– Sheer To Waist


The Packaging: Just as you would expect the Wolford packaging to be – clean, crisp, and straight to the point. The model wears them at the front, and you then have your blurby bits at the back:

“W for Wolford: These matt tights feature the letter ‘W’ repeated over the entire leg, right up to the stay-up area. The panty section is sheer and the pleasantly soft knitted waistband ensures a perfect fit. Opaque/sheer look. The ideal combination item for many skirts and dresses.”


Inside you will find them neatly wrapped around a promotional card showing pieces from the current and timeless collection. Ah and notice the quality assurance little sticker there too!



Up The Legs: I would advise the scrunch and roll with these (and if you’re brave enough) you may not need hosiery gloves as you will notice instantly when scrunching that these are quite a thick denier. You will find that these do slightly twist at the top and then the legs is flat, so don’t worry too much as it sorts itself out when rolling on the legs > If you get/have a pair, you will know what I mean by this.



The Toes & Waistband: now I would like to say that these aren’t reinforced, but then with thicker deniers, they are in a way. I’m gonna go with that they are because at the moment, my nails are kinda sharp after filing them the other day, and well no holes have been created yet! This also means that peep and open toes can be considered too seeing as the design starts right from the seams!


The waistband is comfortable; not one of the best waistbands I have tried but for a quality pair, these are good! It’s the Gobi colour, so will blend in slightly (if you’re a Gobi colour too)! Let me mention a little cute thing I found on these; the single W at the top under the band. It’s random I know, but I actually think it’s so quirky and so different. You wouldn’t expect it.



The Look & Feel: instantly I saw the colour difference with the Gobi. Normally I love this colour, but it does seem to be a bit more on the creamier side than tan, so be mindful of that (it also does depend on your colouring too by the way!). However you might not want to start at these too long, as it started to make my eyes go funny! I LOVE IT THOUGH!


One thing I do love is the colours in this; you get a mix of a greyish-black and a more solid black throughout the design, which looks so good. A lot of my colleagues had mixed reviews, but I think these are dead funky fashion tights!


These are so soft and smooth to touch; it’s that type that your clothes just glide against if anything. I think these would look mint with a PU or leather skirt!



Snagging Issues: there isn’t any at all. I was being a little rough with them, and I can happily say that they kept on going strong like I expected them to. If you’re opting for the black/black pair, then you may want to be more careful as snags on those are always more visible!



The Denier & Design: the denier is just great; yes it does feel slightly thick (I’m surprised that these are 20, they feel like 30-40), but that’s the best part of them; keeping you (slightly) warm in Autumn whilst still looking damn great! The design I just love; it’s so unique and totally eye-catching. Everyone was staring at my legs first before they looked up at me. One thing I will point out here is that these do stretch out on the legs; you will get a more compacted design at the feet to calves (and if you starts to go chunkier on the top) they will start to stretch out more. I do like how the design doesn’t distort when stretched to the max it goes; I know a lot of hosiery can do this, but if anything it just gives it more character really! Yes it can emphasise the chunky parts of your leg, but even so, that’s where you then take control and either cover it or flaunt it and be proud!



Wearing Under Clothes: I have to say these sit lovely under my dress. As they have that smooth feel on them, it makes it easier for skirts and dresses to glide right past them rather than sticking to the hosiery (unless it’s bodycon).


My Thoughts?

I am so glad these are in my life. I have no words!!

Funky, statement, show-piece, whatever you want to call it; they’re just beautiful! if you’re an out there person, I would recommend these to you! They’re not your average pair whatsoever!

Thank you to The Tight Spot for hooking me up with these; totally worth the price!


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  1. Thanks for wearing and sharing your beautiful legs in tights.
    Its a wonderful thing seeing ladies legs in hosiery.