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Wolford Lace Up Capri Leggings

I am bringing some leggings to the blog for you all today – but I am dressing them up a little warmer (well trying to). I got these gifted last year, however as it was getting colder it wasn’t the right time to bring them out to play.

This pair was gifted from my Amazon Wishlist!

The Spec

Colour: White

Size: Small

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 94% Polyamide, 6% Elastane

Price: £35.00

Website: Amazon – Wolford Lace Up Capri Leggings

My Outfit

So this is my attempt at dressing it slightly snugger. I wore my fluffy poncho (this rarely comes out) with my leggings and added some suede mules. You can always change to boots, court shoes or other footwear! I quite liked the look with mules to be honest.

My Deets

Poncho – M&S

Leggings: Wolford

Mules: River Island

The Review

The Packaging

Getting Them On: just like tights, I did a little scrunch and roll from mid-calf upwards. I had to adjust it on the legs a few times so they don’t sit too high/low, so I could do the lace up.

Now let me tell you here; I did a nice lace up on the ankles right, all flush and no tangles. It clearly didn’t want to stay and literally fell down as soon as I was about to start shooting. So to keep them up as best as possible, I had to tighten it the 2nd time, which led to these weird sausage legs with meat oozing at the sides. I do apologise for that, but I was not prepared to keep re-tying them every 5 minutes when I had moved!!

On The Legs: let me start off with the sheerness. So these are around 30 denier (maybe 40 at a push), which means they have a fair bit of sheerness on the legs. This also makes it hard to wear them with a short top or blouse (hence why the poncho came out to cover all that) I do like this though, as they would be perfect for the warmer days when you want something light on the legs and didn’t want to opt for tights.

The quality of these are great; no rips or snags occurred whilst I was in them today, and they have been amazing to wear. The fit of these are true to size, and they did have enough stretch to them as well. I could have puled them down slightly lower on the legs, but I wanted the lace-up part to have a big enough section to show it off really. I suppose there is no harm going a size up if you wanted that extra little bit of material, stretch and a slightly less sheer look on the leg.

The feel of them are amazing; they are super soft and really smooth to touch. Basically how they look is how they feel. They don’t irritate the legs at all, and I could literally be in these all day long; they are so light to wear that they almost do feel like you’re wearing a pair of tights!

The lace up design is a favourite; it is something different and I really love it. It adds that extra something to basic white leggings, and this is something you can create different looks with. The lace is elasticated so you can stretch it out if you need to. I did a wrap around design, but you could easily just tie a bow at the back or front, do less wraps around the leg etc. There are so many looks you could create to suit your mood!

Around The Ankles: excuse the meaty-ness oozing out at the sides of the ribbon below. The edges of the leggings are really softly elasticated, so they won’t move or budge whilst you’re in them. And the best part is that these won’t mark up your legs once you’ve worn them all day!

As you can see, there is plenty of ribbon to these as well, which made it fun to wrap around!

The Waistband: it’s like looking at a pair of white tights here! The waistband is the classic Wolford slim band, and the all the sheer goodness! These sit around the waist on me (covering my belly button) and stay up really well all day. I didn’t have any issues of them falling down at all.

These also come with a palm-sized gusset which its flush against the skin.

My Thoughts?

I quite like this pair, and how fun it will be to create some amazeballs summer looks! The fit is great, they look amazing and I love the lace up design they have to them, making them look super unique. I will also rave about how soft they are too!

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