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Wolford Jewelled Stay Ups

Now this is a pair that I was stunned when I got them in my hand from the post man. This pair are not only a seriously luxury pair, but they are DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS! They are pretty pricey and I haven’t seen anyone else on my Instagram wear them yet, so let’s see how this review goes!

Thanking my amazing follower who has gifted these!

The Spec

Colour: Black/Silver

Size: Small

Denier: 80

Materials: 96% Polyamide, 4%Elastante

Price: £85.00

Website: Amazon – Wolford Jewelled Luxury Stay Ups


My Outfit

So I will say that I did change my outfit when I got home from work to make it look more edgy rather than blog about what I actually wore. I ended up getting chocolate on my skirt at work, and the last thing I wanna do is show the world that I can’t eat LOL!

So I went for my distressed long jumper paired with heels (they were boots before). I added a long choker necklace, small studs and left my hair down to finish the look.

My Deets

Jumper: Parisian

Holdups: Wolford

Shoes: New Look

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

From The Website: Wolford have created a glamorous update to the black thigh high adding a fantastic glitter sparkle design with over 1,180 decorative elements, arranged into an imaginative band of jewels, chains, stars and rivets around the thigh area. These luxury hold ups offer smooth, 80 Denier opaque coverage for a comfortable, breathable wear. The plain top of the black out opaque thigh highs features silver sparkly stars, making them a very special type of hosiery. As with any Wolford the excellent stretch gives the perfect fit. These gorgeous fashion thigh highs are also the perfect leg wear accessory to your New Years Eve party outfit and look particularly striking with a black mini skirt! Feel fabulous with stunning, jewelled black thigh highs. 96% Polyamide, 4% Elastante

80 Denier
Plain Top with Silicone Strip
Semi Opaque, Opaque
Seamless Hold Ups
1,180 Decorative Elements


The Packaging: so imma keep it basic here; the model is at the front wearing the hosiery wearing them in the black/black pair (that I will be reviewing) and the back goes into more detail about the pair along with hosiery care and the sizing guide:

“A glamorous update: These Fatal 80 seamless stay-ups glitter feature a firework of 1,180 decorative elements. They are arranged into an imaginative band of jewels, chains, stars and rivets. The wide silicone strip on the inside ensures a secure fit.”


When you get in, you will find these neatly wrapped around promo card and also with a certificate of quality number (this is always compulsory to know it’s a genuine Wolford brand).

I unraveled these to find they leg and foot shaped, which is gonna be easy peasy to get them on!




Getting Them On: hosiery gloves on and let’s go! As these are shaped to the feet and legs, just follow the crease down and roll on up so you should be able to faff less.

I did tug them up a little more as during the day I was wearing them as holdups, so wanted them to sit just under the tushy and they did that was ease. I did have to readjust the jewel bit so it sat more in the middle but that is something that you tweak right at the end and then you’re good to go!

Being a thicker denier, you don’t need to worry too much about wearing anklets underneath.



On The Legs: the feel of them are super soft and so smooth it’s unreal. I love the way my hands run down and just feel this smooth casing! It’s really nice!

The denier is dark, which is perfect to give that illusion of thigh high socks if you really wanted. You do get a slight sheerness to them depending on where they are stretched, but I love it. I prefer the darker denier with this design rather than a sheer as it helps the jewels to really pop and shine.

One thing I do really like is that these can sit low or high (depending on your preference) so you can make them like thigh high socks or keep them a little more covered as holdups. Either way I love it!

The design is just gorgeous; and the way it shines in different lighting is just incredible. From far, it actually looks I have jewels hanging off not realising they are actually stuck on. I tried to show it in different lighting so you can see what I mean. What did like is a mixture of beadings, with the cute little stars on the band.

The fit of them are great; no gapping, no pulling away from the legs and certainly no falling down either. I love the way they hug the legs throughout the day so you don’t ever need to worry about these during the day!

The quality is just beautiful; that is the only work I can use to describe it as it really does feel like luxury on the legs.



The Toes & Ankle: around the toes, these have plenty of wiggle room and space so you certainly won’t feel any pressure around this area during the day. As these are a 80 denier, this means they are pretty much reinforced (in my eyes they are) so it won’t be too bad if you have long nails wearing these.

The ankles also have a lovely smooth finish to them as well; no wrinkles or any sign of the hosiery falling slightly which is great!



The Bands: I gotta say I was pretty shocked to see that it only had the one thick silicone band going across the top. I thought they might have doubled up, however the actual bands on these holdups are quite thin compared to normal holdups. If you’re not comfortable with this, I would recommend wearing a suspender belt for that extra support. I know a few hosiery wearers do this.

Anyways the bands are really decent and hold up so well during the day; I thought being small in these would maybe be a slightly loose fitting, but they were perfect … and I mean perfect! They fit so well on the thighs and didn’t lose their sticky-ness at all during the day. I took them off numerous times to trial this, and they were damn good!




My Thoughts?

If you can, get yourself a pair! These are gorgeous and a right head turner! That is all I’m gonna say here!


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