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Wolford Ilea Overknees

Hello Knees! Well let me tell you how much I have been trying to get these on during the weekend and it just never happened. A follower gifted these a good while back and they have been sitting there waiting to be worn, and I decided that I was gonna rock them around the house. It’s still a tad bit chilly to nip out in them, but seeing as I was having a DIY day at home – perfect chance to get them on and going!

Now I apologise as I did try and Google if you can get hold of these anywhere, but I had no luck so I can’t give you prices or websites to get this pair!

The Spec

Colour: Flint Grey

Size: Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 85% nylon, 15% elastane

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

I just opted for simple today with my black top (that is supposed to be my nightsuit top but I made into a lounge top) with shorts (of course) and then just went with slippers. If I went out and about, I would have added my converses to finish off the look.


The Review

The Packaging: The front shows the model wearing them at the front; they do look pretty interesting. The back goes into further detail about the overknees, along with hosiery care, sizing etc:

“Full fashion overknees with interesting jacquard pattern to mid-calf, made of high gloss material. Can be combined with with many looks such as sophisticated skirts, trendy long knit cardigans or a nifty evening dress for fashionistas.”


Once you get in, you will find the certificate of quality (one thing to look out for when you buy Wolfords so you know they’re authentic) and the overknees wrapped around promotional cardboard.



Getting Them On: now I was naughty and didn’t use hosiery gloves this time. For those who tend to snag or aren’t great with hosiery, please do use them but as I trust my nails (and myself!) I can do it without them from time to time.

Anyways so these all you have to do is scrunch and roll them right down to the toes so you get your toe seam line up on point and then you’re good to go!

I have to admit with one leg, my design went slightly wonky but you can either pinch and pull in place (with gloves on) or just roll down and back up again adjusting it as you go.

They smoothly go on without any issues. I would advise you to be careful with anklets as they are still nylons and not socks!



On The Legs: damn good quality I gotta say. They don’t even look like tights you know, they look more like socks but slightly see-throughy! I love the way they look on the legs!

The denier is great for the design to pop and contrast. That design is just so cute and can be worn with formal wear – I don’t think I did it with my workwear purely because I didn’t feel comfortable. But now that I have done them with a casual outfit, I can certainly rock these to work with a cute skirt or a dress to cover most of it so you see the design below the knees instead – you can work these so many ways!

The feel is just fab; they do have that silky glossy feel to them on the top and these can be prone to snagging because of that, so be mindful of what your legs are coming close to when wearing these!

That grey can also flatter the legs depending on your leg size; I did mine with bare legs, but I could easily wear these with black or coloured hosiery underneath. Whatever will work for you!


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The Toes & Ankles: plenty of wiggle room, no extra material anywhere and a smooth finish on the ankles too! I think the toes are reinforced as they have that toe patch going across them which is slightly darker; I’m gonna say that they do!

Around the ankles there is no crinkling or wrinkling, and these don’t fall during the day either due to that amazing band!



The Bands: now I mentioned that these stay up well, and you know what? I am surprised that they did so well; these have no silicone bands inside at all. It’s just a normal band which grips your legs so well throughout the day and hold up with ease. I didn’t have any pressure marks from them after a day’s wear either which means these are proper comfort bands!

I love how great these are; I didn’t expect it but they exceeded my expectations and I LOVE IT!

(Excuse the slightly hairy thighs – laser session due soon I swear!)



My Thoughts?

I’m finally getting into the greys after some time of putting them off (I don’t even know why!) – I suppose I just go into auto mode and want black or nudes lol!

I love the quality of them and the denier is just right to give that sock look to them rather than nylons, but they are great!

I love how great they are; the colour, how good that band holds them up and how they look with shorts too hehe!

I would certainly recommend overknees similar to this as they are decent!

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