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Wolford Helena Tights

And hello Helena! I saw these tights on Amazon, and I had to add them to my wishlist! Luckily one of my amazeball followers gifted me them and I am so glad I finally get to review them!

One thing that really caught my eye was the ‘layered’ look they have going on; looking like they have a sheer floral base with fishnets on top. I normally do this look with 2 pairs of tights, but it’s even better when you get them rolled into one!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: X-Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane

Price: £38.95

Website: Amazon – Wolford Helena Net Tights 14703

My Outfit

So smarty pants today for work wearing my shift dress and my peep toe booties to finish off the look. I kept jewellery simple and to a minimum and added some lippy to just brighten the face a little.

My Deets

Dress: H&M 

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: Steve Madden


The Review

From The Website: The Helena Net tights combine an eye-catching, integrated diamond pattern with delicate and romantic rose motifs. Featuring a soft waistband, sheer to waist brief and cotton gusset. Created using high-quality yarns and a 3D knitting technique to create a luxury matte finish and perfect fit. These cris cross tights offer a classic look with a luxury twist – just what you’d expect from Wolford! Ideal for a night out or special event; pair these floral patterned tights with a high waisted skirt, wrap top and heel for an on-trend look.

91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane
20 Denier
Floral Net Design
Matte Finish
Soft Comfortable Waistband
Reinforced Toe


The Packaging: if you haven’t come across a pair of Wolfords before… Well you can spot them from a mile off. They always tend to have basic packaging (in a good way) with the model wearing the hosiery on the front and the back goes into more detail about the pair, sizing, hosiery care etc.

Once you get in, you will find these horizontally folded around promo card. When I say horizontally folded, this is where you get the foot and leg shaping to them, making it easier to line up on the legs. I love it when hosiery does that as it makes doing the line up from the toes to the waist so easy – especially when you have side or back seams.

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Getting Them On: I took my time getting these on over anklets and then did my roll up gently to the top. As these aren’t symmetrical, it makes it so much easier. I wore my satin gloves to make sure I don’t snag these as I go along!


On The Legs: OH MY GOD! I am loving how awesome they look! I am totally feeling this design for sure!

The denier being 20 works so well with the fishnet and floral pattern (as these are around 30-40 denier to make it stand out). The quality of them are superb too; I didn’t end up with any snags or rips, and these are pretty stretchy and durable too!

The fit and feel is true to size; I felt there was enough stretch (there isn’t a lot in these) for my legs so make sure you check out sizing before you buy. The feel of them were so soft and not as textured as it looks; I found these to be all worked into the tights so you don’t get any bumpy raised bits.

The design is to die for! I love how sexy and playful they are; I wore mine to work but I will for sure wear these with evening dresses to give it a bit of edge. I love the way they look, with the flower print adding that bit of femininity to it. They have a fair bit going on but at the same time, it just works!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes aren’t reinforced which does suck. Luckily my nails aren’t too long so they won’t be creating any unwanted holes. These give plenty of wiggle room for my toes and enough room for my feet to breathe during the day.

Around the ankles, these are a smooth flush finish against the skin.


The Waistband: is one of my favourites as there is no sign of it rolling over itself or being a pain! I love how comfortable these have been for me during the day, they have kept their elasticity as well and overall I love them.

They don’t dig in at all, and they are so snug on the waist. Mine sit around my belly button, which works for me.



My Thoughts?

If you can get your hands on a pair, then please do as they are to die for. I love this pattern to bits and it’s one that will work for those Christmas parties coming up too. I gotta say I love everything about them to be honest; and the fact that they’re Wolford makes it even better!

4 thoughts on “Wolford Helena Tights

  1. Stunning review Soni,these tights are beautiful ,together with your peeptoe boots is your look so sexy👌🏻Thanks and have a nice day!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Beautiful tights on a beautiful woman, what more is there to say.
    Thanks for the post, Soni. Wolfords are my second choice behind CDR but I will defo be adding these to my collection.