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Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights

YESSSSSSSSSSSS I finally have these in my life! I have been eyeing these up for some time now, and I finally have a pair that I can call mine! These are one of the best purchases you can make when it comes to Wolford Hosiery!

A massive thank you to my amazeballs follower for gifting these to review!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: XS

Denier: 50

Materials: 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

Price: £30.63

Website: Amazon – Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights

My Outfit

I wore a my new (and also gifted) bodysuit with my bodycon skirt, and I added some killer heels to finish that off. I added some bold earrings and added a dash of pink to the lips too. I don’t know why I went all out for work, but hey!

My Deets

Bodysuit: via Amazon

Skirt: New Look

Earrings: H&M

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: via Amazon

Lipstick: NYX



The Review

From The Website: Opaque, seamless, revolutionary: seamless throughout, even in the panty section, these matte tights are made especially for cool seasons and create a flawless appearance, even under tight-fitting clothes. With an excellent stretch and a wonderful fit, thanks to the use of singe-wrapped elastane in each row. Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights can be worn on the hip or on the waist with the wide sewn-on waistband; the pressure in the tummy area can be varied, making these also very comfortable for pregnant women. Exceptional quality hosiery from Wolford. 91% Nylon, 9% Elastane

93% Nylon
7% Elastane
93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane
Machine wash – Cold (30° max)
Seamless Tights
50 Denier
Matt Finish


The Packaging: good old Wolford packaging you can spot a mile off; simple, clean and eye-catching. The back and front show and tell you everything you need to know to basically buy them!

When you get inside, always check for the ‘certificate of quality’ sticker, as that proves its authenticity.

These I found to not have so much of the foot shaping to them like most of their hosiery do. Even so, it doesn’t really matter but it helps to easily scrunch down and line up on the legs.

One thing I am certainly digging is that waistband; this is gonna be fun!


Getting Them On: I didn’t use my gloves this time as I fancied just taking my time with bare hands getting these on. I took care over toenails and anklets, and then rolled right on up.


On The Legs: I gotta say they are so divine! I feel that XS is the right size, but I would have gone a size up to get that more block-finish on the legs rather than the sheerness peering through. These do fit me very well, but you do stretch these out on the legs, which then causes that semi-opaque look. It all depends on what you’re after and how you want the finish look to suit you.

The quality is bang on, and it never changes with Wolford. I had no issues at all with snagging, sagging, falling down etc. These were perfect on the legs for me, and I know small would have been just as good too with that extra stretch to them!

The feel of them are just so damn nice; they are super soft and so smooth on the legs. These are a matte finish before I forget to mention, so you also get that slight slimming effect to them as well, but these are beautiful to touch!


The Toes & Ankle: the toes have even coverage over them, plenty of wiggle room and no pressure on the toes either. These are super comfortable to be in, but to preserve the quality, don’t have too long nails or sharp nails as they can end up ripping.

Around the ankles, I had no issues. They were completely smooth all over.


The Waistband: now my favourite part! Firstly, look how amazing it looks …

Secondly, the comfort level is out of this world. You don’t realise you’re wearing a band at one point. I love how soft these are, yet they hold up the hosiery so well. These are one heck of a band!

They keep their elasticity throughout the day, and they don’t ever roll over either which is a bonus. They do have a good amount of stretch to them, so just know you will always get a snug fit.

As these are seamless, it’s normal to expect a band like this; it helps to keep the tights intact and held up well as it’s basically doing all the work without no seams for support. You get this gorgeous flawless finish and by the way, these are perfect to wear under tighter fitting clothing!



My Thoughts?

Oh please do get a pair if you can. I absolutely adore mine; they fit so well, make the legs look incredible and that band is one of the most comfortable ones I have been in. Everything about these are just on point!

6 thoughts on “Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights

  1. Stunning review Soni,you’re looking fab in your outfit together with these tights and beautiful peeptoe heels!Thank you and have a nice weekend😉

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. They do make your legs incredible and then some. Have to say I love the look of these awesome tights would get these and are affordable compared to the Wolford Satin De Luxe which I love also but the price ouch would have to save to get those.

  3. Oh Soni! You have surpassed yourself with this review. What can I say, stunning, stunning, stunning!!
    Those tights are just gorgeous on your legs and they really show how beautiful your legs and feet are.
    I love the outfit you picked and the peep toe heels just finished it off.
    CDR and Wolford are my guilty pleasures for tights. Will definately be saving hard to buy myself these.
    Thank you for putting so much effort into this review, getting the light just right to show the denier to its best effect. The detail is incredible.
    Have a great weekend.


  4. This is definitely your article that I like the most.

    The outfit is sublime, very elegant and you are divine. The tights are beautiful a little bit transparent and matte. Your heels are pretty.

    And by adding your earrings, your pretty hairstyle, and admire you smile with this beautiful lipstick.

    It was a real pleasure to admire you in this article, and your different post about this outfit and tight Wolford.