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Wolford Fatal 15 & The Flu

It’s such a horrible morning here in the UK – and to top it off I now have a horrible cold! So sitting here sniffling away with a sore throat trying to type this blog is hard work!!!

So to make me feel better I decided to slip into my Wolfords – and instantly I feel much more like a woman than a slob this morning! It’s weird how slipping into them can make a person feel so good!


My Outfit Today

I decided to mash up my colours a little today – red cami with my black bodycon skirt and my cream kimono just to make myself feel a little brighter. I was opting for my red lace up shoes however I realised I still have them at my mum’s house, so my black boots had to do once again.

I added the scarf as a finishing touch – which can be left on for the whole day (I know this isn’t budging from my neck today!)

My Deets:

Scarf: Adini

Cami Top: New Look

Bodycon Skirt: New Look

Kimono: H&M

Tights: Wolford Fatal 15 Seamless Tights

Boots: Forever21


One thing I do like about these Wolfords is the contrast with the lighting – in dim lighting it shades quite dark however when the light hits it, it instantly becomes sheerer.

To see the review on these, visit > Wolford Fatal 15 Seamless


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