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Wolford Fatal 15 Seamless

So here we go again – new week, new tights! … And a red and black theme to kick start it off on this fine day!

(Although now I’m baking hot and melting away with the heat!)

Thank you to my follower who gifted these along with the see-through colourful shoes I reviewed a few days ago!


My Outfit

I wanted to go quite funky and fun today and wans’t feeling my shirts. So as mentioned above, I went for a red and black theme as I saw this shirt pop out of my wardrobe and realised I haven’t worn it in a very long time. I normally pair it up with some really funky tights, but as I have a few sheers left to do, I thought I might as well stick it with Wolfords today. I did a black cami top and my bodycon skirt underneath with my shirt just flowing on top and red booties to really make it pop.

I was gonna opt for my grey boots, but I forgot I left them in the car, so the red had to do!

My Deets:

Red Oversized Shirt – Republic

Bodycon Skirt – New Look

Tights – Wolford via Amazon

Booties – Marks & Spencers


The Review

I won’t go into grave detail about the packaging as it’s always amazing – always packed up nice and you don’t ever snag the tights!

They feel ever so silky and soft – and that’s before they are even on!!! They’re really soft to touch and they glide on your legs too. I didn’t have to worry about anklets with these although I did scrunch and roll just to be careful of my nails. (I forgot to get my hosiery gloves out at this point!)

I love the waistband on these – proper fitting and doesn’t budge either. They are really thick compared to how they normally are, but then again I’m not complaining as they feel super comfy on!

You will also notice on these that they have slight marking at the top; the front has a V shape and the back have 2 darker spots on their side. You will be able to see this in the image below. Not too sure why, but if you know just drop a comment below!

Now I did notice when I was getting them on that they do leave streaky lines on the legs. I thought I tugged them too much, so I took them off and started again and did it even more gently and they still appeared. Not really impressed with that as they do stand out a lot! *shock horror face*

I like the fact that they are totally seamless – no gusset, no lines anywhere (unless you count the waistband one) and they feel so nice!!!! It does feel weird to begin with if you don’t do seamless that much, but eventually it feels like you don’t have a pair on! I keep forgetting every time I cross my legs and they just slide off one another! I love it!

They also have reinforced toes – you can see the denier is darker than the rest of the tights (this is much needed with my long toenails at the mo!)

I have to say that these can snag very easily (I haven’t got one) but with how soft and thin they are, you will need to just watch out for them.


Can’t be having snags in a lovely pair like these can we?!

So overall? They are worth buying. I wouldn’t be so sure if I would go the next size up to avoid the streaky lines as the fitting wouldn’t be right, but I suppose that is down to you really. I love how they feel and how they look as well when you’re walking outside – emphasises your legs nicely!!!


5 thoughts on “Wolford Fatal 15 Seamless

  1. Well what a gorgeous outfit. Loving the red and black combo 😍
    Shame about the streaky lines 😩 I’ve had these appear with some other rights but never wolfords. Why not drop them an email or tweet and mention it to them.
    On a plus note, the waistband is lovely.

    That outfit though 😍😍😍

  2. Helpful review because I ordered them for my girlfriend. Thank you so much for the pictures you included. Insanely sexy.