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Wolford Dot Tights

Happy Hump Day lovelies! And another pair of polka dots is on the legs! I bought these a while ago and got them for like £10.00 off eBay, so I am pretty excited to get reviewing! Polka dots are so versatile I got to say; as you saw previously with Anne’s!

So this time I went a little more smart casual with, making my legs look like Dalmatians!

The Spec

Colour: Gobi /Black

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 79% polyamide, 13% polyester, 8% elastane


My Outfit

I now associate this skirt with denim – I don’t know why but I kept thinking about my denim skirt and this skirt as soon as I pulled it out hehe! I wanted to do a more smart casual vibe with these, so I went with my while simple top along with a subtle statement scarf and my wedges as I wasn’t feeling heels this time around!

I left my hair down and added small gold studs!

My Deets

Top: Vero Moda

Skirt: Primark

Scarf: Independent retailer

Wedges: Toms


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The Review

The Packaging: Wolford is well… Wolford. You can spot Wolford packaging from a mile off to be honest. They all tend to look the same, but I say that in a good way though for those who are just getting into brands.

The front shows the model wearing them with her gorgeous legs, and the back always gives you a decent lowdown of the hosiery:

The fashionable dots design in varying patterns and sizes will give your outfit the perfect touch of extravagance. Sheer tights. Wide grip edge of hem for durability. Pleasantly soft knitted waist. Also available in XL. Vitality combined with ideal comfort.


Inside, you will find the quality assurance sticker (always look out for this) and the hosiery neatly folded around cardboard. When you take it out, you will see it slightly shaped to your legs, which means these are gonna be a gorgeous fit on the legs.



Getting Them On: always scrunch and roll with Wolford; being a luxurious brand, the last thing you want is to ruin them as soon as you get them on your legs. They are pretty sturdy things so you don’t need to worry, but no harm in taking precautions! I used leg line to help me get these on as easily as possible; it always helps as it means it slips exactly where it needs to on the toes and you can work up from there on rather than faffing around.

I am seriously loving these!



The Toes: completely sheer with the design working right from the toe seams. It would look so funky wearing bright coloured nail varnish underneath, but as I’m rocking black, it makes it look a little more sultry (or goth.. whatever!) The toes are always sturdy on Wolfords so you shouldn’t have a problem with long nails. Oh I forgot to mention, lots of wiggle room in these too!



The Waistband: always comfortable! I do adore the Wolford bands as they never really dig into your or roll over itself during the day; they stay put, they stay flat and they stay comfortable all day long. This sits around my belly button which is perfect for me and I can’t say it does go any higher unless you really tug at it; then again it would only fall back down into place.



On The Legs: I am loving this. I have to say normally I am XS in Wolford, but being in a Small there isn’t a massive amount of difference to be honest. It just means slightly extra nylon coverage rather than it being pulled all across the legs. The colour is just perfect (I always love Gobi); it adds this subtle tan to the legs which makes them look flawless. There are no crinkle areas as I thought there may have been as I opted for the next size up. The feel is just too smooth and to die for; it isn’t shiny at all and looks more of a matte finish, but these are still soft and smooth!



The Design: I just love them. As these are bigger polka dots, they look like Dalmatian spots, which I absolutely am loving! They’re so quirky and these can be dressed up or down, which is the beauty about them! I love it against the nude tones as well, as it just stands out rather than being against a 10-20 black denier.



My Thoughts?

If you can get hold of these, I would advise to get yourself a pair. It’s one of them timeless classics that your hosiery wardrobe needs! I love the quality, love the design and love the way it makes my legs look amazeballs!

I managed to get hold of mine on eBay but I would certainly recommend you get a pair if you’re into funky and fabulous!

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