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Wolford Camouflage Tights

And let’s review another quirky pair from Wolford. This is one thing I really admire about Wolford; you cannot find these type of styles anywhere else! They always have some amazing ones which some brands re-create, but majority you have to buy Wolford only!

I love it! I thought I would be different and dress these in a causal outfit, and with a long hoody seeing as a lot of my followers liked that style!

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The Spec

Colour: Black / Silver

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 80% nylon, 20% elastane

Price: £35.00

Website: Amazon – Wolford Women’s Camouflage Tights 20 Denier


My Outfit

I literally kept it bare minimum as I was having a lazy day at home and really didn’t wanna dress up. I wore my long hoody with my Timbs (when I went out and about) and let my legs be the statement piece.

My Deets

Hooded Jumper Dress: George

Tights: Wolford

Boots: Timberland


The Review

From The Website: Outstandingly fashionable: The attractive tights with two-tone camouflage print interplays with the translucent, opaque and glittering Lurex look. The visible thread ends create an exciting 3D look. A stylish eye-catcher.

Our model’s height: Our model is 177 cm tall and wears size M

Material: 80% nylon, 20% elastane

Dimensions: 20 Denier

Washing instructions: machine wash cold gentle, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean

Comfortable, soft knitted waistband


The Packaging: nice, clean, simple and straight to the point is what I have to say.

“Outstandingly fashion able; The attractive tights with two-tone camouflage print interlays with the translucent, opaque and glittering Lurex look. The visible thread ends create an exciting 3D look.”

Inside, these are neatly wrapped around card, where you can see the subtle leg shaping from the feet upwards.


Getting Them On: hosiery gloves on and then get ready to roll. The good thing about this is that these are shaped to the legs and feet, so it should make it easier to line them up and roll straight on.

I would be careful over any sharp anklets mind – these could potentially catch!


On The Legs: these have to be the softest pair of glitter lurex tights I have worn .. EVER! They are super soft and smooth on the legs, and the best part is that the glitter lurex strands don’t itch or scratch the legs a single bit. I spent a whole day in them and they have to be the most nicest pair!

The denier is fab if you’re after leg coverage with a bit of jazz to them; these are a cross between sheer and opaque, so if you’re trying to hide any hairs, this pair is a good pair to go for!

The quality is totally amazing on these! I did not have a single issue with them whatsoever; they lasted all day really well!

The design is out there; you can get a nude version where it looks more toned down, but I prefer it because you can dress this for work with a snazzing shirt and skirt or on a night out with a funky dress. I just love it… and with the addition of the silver it instantly jazzes it up!

Normally I’m an XS in Wolford, but being in a Small there isn’t a massive amount of difference. It just means slightly extra nylon coverage rather than it being pulled all across the legs, and it gives that extra comfort factor to it!


The Toes & Ankle: the design starts from the toe seam so bring on the open toe shoes and sandals (if you dare!)

The toes are always sturdy on Wolfords so you shouldn’t have a problem with long nails. Oh I forgot to mention, lots of wiggle room in these too so no pressure on those toes during the day!

Around the ankles, it’s a smooth finish with no sings of wrinkles!


The Waistband: always comfortable! I do adore the Wolford bands as they never really dig into your or roll over itself during the day; they stay put, they stay flat and they stay comfortable all day long.

This sits around my belly button which is perfect for me and I can’t say it does go any higher unless you really tug at it; then again it would only fall back down into place so there is no point really.

I found these to be really nice on the waist; they didn’t squeeze or feel loose on me. They were just right!


My Thoughts?

I am totally loving these! I might actually start getting Small in Wolford than X-Small now due to the comfort factor; X-Small sits great and hugs the legs real nice, but going up 1 size means you get that little extra nylon to play with (in a good way) so it’s not too tight and stretching more than what it should on the legs.

The quality is fabulous; it’s so soft and smooth and I think they are the shiz! Not forgetting the design in this, as this can be styled in so many ways depending on your mood and the look you wish to create!


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  1. Great looking tights your legs look fantastic in them would look great on mine know that would love a pair to wear. Always love a different look in tights these are great looking think will get a pair know I will love wearing them.